HAZBIN HOTEL -(CLIP)- “Your Fault”

HAZBIN HOTEL -(CLIP)- “Your Fault”

*Angel playing with window* What? What? What!? What were you doing!? I owed my girl buddy a solid. Isn’t that a redeeming quality? Helping friends with stuff? Not with turf wars that result in territorial genocide! Ehh, you win some, you lose a few hundred. *laugh* It wasn’t that bad anyway. Ah come on, I had to! My credibility was on the line! *sigh* I mean, what kind of reputation would I have if people found out I was trying to go clean? It just throws out my entire persona. YOUR credibility? What about the hotel? Your little stunt made us look like a fucking joke! *scoff* No no no, babe. Jokes are funny. I made you look… uhh… sad! And pathetic. Like an orphan… with no arms… or legs… uhh… OH! with PROGERIA! Great! Now I’M bummed thinking about it. This thing have any liquor? Can you please just TRY to take this seriously? Fine, I’ll try. Just don’t get your taco in a twist, baby. Was that you trying to be sexist or racist? *Sigh* Whatever pisses you off more. Is there seriously no liquor in here? *Slutty Spider Polka Pop*

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100 Replies to “HAZBIN HOTEL -(CLIP)- “Your Fault””

  1. After seeing the song Charlie sang her looking like that feels wrong. As in whatever have happened that made her look like that is wrong. She seems like such a cheery and upbeat character.

  2. I have very high hopes for this I absolutely cannot wait to see more. But there's one thing that sparked this was the face that I'm going to see dreaming


    Start at 0:28 and Put it on Slow and You'll see what I mean

  3. Glad to see this has a sense of humour I don't really like what the political climate has tured entertainment into also I don't don't get how the girl is Mexican looks more middle eastern or East Indian like the girl from Steven universe but I'm going to assume it tells you with story or something

  4. The whole time Vaggie is probably just thinking "Charlie, why is there a drug addicted drag queen prostitute following us around?"

  5. ok i love it how my friend can do angels voice but like deeper and more scratchy and she uses it for tallest red’s voice

  6. Well, well, well. The world famous love/hate relationship. Like Duncan and Courtney. Man, I’m excited for this show.😀

  7. "Don't get your taco in a twist, baby."

    "Was that you trying to be sexist, or racist?"

    "Whatever pisses you off more."

    I got two emotions from hearing that:
    One: Joy from how awesome that line was.
    Two: Anger that I have to wait 22 days for this to fully come out!

  8. 0:26 – “Eh, you win some you lose a few, hundred.
    It wasn’t that bad anyway. “ continues to play with window

  9. “ [scoff] no, no no, babe, jokes are funny! i made you look..duhhh..sad and pathetic! like an orphan….with no arms..or legs…
    Charlie: ;~;..
    ……..uhhhh, OH! with PROGERIA~~~~
    Charlie: ;A;!!!!

  10. I remember watching the animatic of this lord knows how long ago. Felt like a while ago (though it’s probably like a year) and i was instantly hooked, I we finally have a release date.. at last

  11. Angel Dust is literally fucking precious. He needs to he protected ALL COSTS. IF ANYONE HURTS HIM, I WILL MAKE SURE THAT TH- uh… just… don't do it.

  12. I love to see it in YouTube. . . And when going to release in the few weeks or something. . . . . I'm curious but that.

  13. I know take your time to making. . . . I'll be waiting for it. . . And I don't to take you pressure for it. . . OK. . .

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