Growing Up Asian

Growing Up Asian

This video has been brought to you by Nord VPN, the best VPN avalible. Head over to and use the code: DOMICS to save 77% Off a 3 year plan. [Intro] [Double Clap] I’m sorry, Gigi. Dom: Alright. Hello everyone. There’s gonna be a different episode. It’s not really a hypothetical We just just felt like talking, you know, I’m here in California right now We’re staying at a Jomm’s mom’s place, Jomm’s mom’s- Jmom’s place.
And it made me remember some things of like, what it was like to live at home. Or growing up Asian I guess. I’m here today joined by a couple friends.
Claire: Hello I am Claire. Ehlboy: I’m Ehlboy Jomm: This is Jomm Dom: I’m sure we all have No slippers in the house. Claire: No slippers? Dom: Sorry, no shoes. Claire: No shoes?
Dom: No shoes, always slippers Yeah, do you have that basket of slippers at the front door?
Everyone: Yep Claire: When people come over we always offer slippers, There’s just an abundance of slippers. Jomm: My issue with slippers is I end up walking outside a lot on accident with them on. So it defeats the purpose of having slippers. It’s like I got to get my mail It’s outside and I don’t think about I just walk out and then it’s like “Well now my slippers are dirty what different are they?” Now they’re shoes.
Dom: Now they’re outdoor slippers, permanently. Jomm: You ever have white friends that go to bed with shoes on? Ehlboy: Yeah actually new people- Jomms: Yeah I had friends do that. First I was visiting his house and he just laid down on his bed with his shoes Dom: [Gagging sounds]
Ehlboy: Why though?! That’s… (Eeewwww!) (So dirty…) Dom: What’s the urgency that you need to have your shoes on at all times? Jomms: But it’s like the opposite for them It’s like if I come into the house and I try to take my shoes off they’re like “No just keep your shoes on dude” And I probably feel safer that way anyways, if I wear my shoes in there. [laughing] Dom: From an Asian family, we don’t really do allowances I never understood that Jomms: I didn’t either Claire: Same same Domics: My friends were like “I get like $100 a week.” Like for doing what? “I don’t know for existing?” Like- I ask my parents. “Why don’t we get allowance?” They didn’t know what that meant. It’s like “What’s an all-ow-wance?” Ehlboy: [Whispers] …I- I got allowance… [Everyone talking] Claire: What?
Ehlboy: Okay but- okay, but the trade off was, I had to do all the chores in the house. Jomms: So you’re just getting paid? Ehlboy: But my allowance was like three dollars a week [pain] [mixed mumbling] Ehlboy: That was my allowance.
Claire: That’s- that’s child labour (Overlapped voices) Dom: One of my main methods of gaining money as a kid was when I – uh- picked white hair from my parent’s heads [chuckling] (what?) (me too, me too) And then they gave me money for each one I plucked out. Claire: How much did you get?
Dom: It started off like a quarter for a hair and then went down to like ten cents and five cents and then went down to just like, a penny. And then they got older- obviously they got more hair, and then they realized, “Oh this is not a good model, cuz- I’m gonna get bald.” So then they just started dyeing their hair. Food eating etiquette, yes.
Ehlboy: I mean what you just learned with Jomm’s mom, right? If you eat real fast, they’re like, “Oh you must really like the food” So they just like dumped more food on your plate and then you’re just like sitting there full. Jomms: Yeah, so the trick is just eat really slow.
Dom: I learn now Claire: Yeah, we just have a bowl of rice or whatever and we have like all the side dishes in the middle No one’s gonna force you to like get more rice or like get more of this if you’re done you’re done Jomms: Yeah, Koreans they’ll keep feeding you until they’re tired. It’s not a question like “Do you want more?” It’s like “Oh, you *WANT* more” Dom: The “Do” is silent in your sentences Claire: Just for my family I don’t know about you guys, but every time when I have a friend who invites me for like dinner Like parents are always like “oh you have to bring something nice- You know bring this wine bottle that we’ve been like saving up for like the past five years” Yeah you- I invited you to I think it was New Year’s dinner? And then you brought was that like the the bird’s nest? Yeah, I don’t even know what it is. Apparently supposed to be really healthy? Jomm – Bird spit soup things Dom: Yeah, like you gave it to my parents the instructions were in Chinese like “we don’t know how to eat this” I’m like, okay. I’ll ask Claire. Claire: I don’t know either, my parents just told me to hand this over and I did. Dom: Yeah, your mom makes a lot of leftovers and that’s like the mindset my family grew up with like we always either make too much food cuz they want to bring it for lunch like to work the next day. We call it “Baon”. I don’t like wasting food. That’s why we have a term for when there’s like a little bit of food left and you gotta eat it clean It’s called “Simot”. Jomm: Killings.
Dom: Yeah, kill it to the- *spec*. Ehlboy: There’s like the Chinese saying like “every speck of rice and your bowl is like that’s gonna be on your lover’s face” or something Dom: Lover’s face? why- Ehlboy: Or your like husbands or your wife’s face. Like it’ll- like turn into something bad [laughing] Wait WAIT- Dom: So if you don’t finish your food your wife becomes ugly??? Ehlboy: Yeah, something like that- yeah. Dom: Because it’s generally known that Filipinos have like flat-ish noses So like when every morning like instead of just saying like wake up My mom would just walk into my room and pinch the bridge of my nose. I’m like “WUh, what’s HAPPENING?” Jomm: I was like Captain America Super Soldier Serum all the time. I had a new liquid a new pill all the time She every morning she would like Pat my legs down and stretch my legs out Try to make me as long as possible, and I’m the tallest person in my family (Laughing) Claire: And it worked. Ehlboy: Did you guys have to… Take uh- the Chinese medicine stuff you go to, like the old chinese doctors, you have a bunch of drawers with like deer antlers and bugs and there and then you go there you’re like, “I want my kid to be taller”, and they’re like,
“Alright, I got you” and I’m like Yeah, I’m just like weird stuff- make a drink- Claire: A potion? Ehlboy: Yeah, like make a potion. It tastes disgusting. Dom: A liquid chimera basically. Ehlboy: We call that hanyang [spelling?] I think that Koreans are obsessed with medication that makes you taller Dom: I guess that’s true cuz like all the Koreans in my high school and freedom like we’re super tall I was in between two Koreans Pak and Park Pak and Park… Yeah, so I was like in between him and like freaking graduation It was just like
(tall ass Korean)
and then (me), and like
(another tall ass Korean). What about clothes? Claire: My mom would just steals my clothing Especially because we’re like about the same height like I would just go home like after – I don’t know – University I have like a month off and I visit going to my closet Find like 10 things missing and I look over on my mom and she’s like wearing the exact sweater that I wanted to wear Dom: Does she do the thing where it’s like when she’s buying you a gift? She’s buying it with the intent that she’s gonna wear it too. Ehlboy: Did you guys have a lot of tutors and stuff? Dom: Tutors?- well, I did Kumon Ehlboy: Where I grew up, pretty much every kid had a tutor every day and it’s like for every subject if Dom: If everyone has a tutor, what’s the point of going to school? Ehlboy: There is- there is no point going to school They learn so much more. Dom: But then all of the teachers feel like “Man you guys are so smart!” Ehlboy: Yeah, if he just like “oh, man, all these kids are so smart!” Like no We just have a lot of tutors helping and- Dom: I just go to school twice. Claire: We had like math test and stuff, right? This is back in China. And I think I got like a 96 and then my mom was visiting from Canada And the teacher called me out and had a meeting with my mom and she’s like oh This is your daughter’s grade. And then my mom looks at it. It’s like a 96 “oh this is pretty good!” and she’s like “Nah nah – That’s the lowest mark in our class.” Ehlboy: Thats the lowest mark?
Claire: What the frick? Ehlboy: You get like the… we have like that check mark system – You get like a check mark ✓ or a check plus ✓+, check minus ✓- 🙁 (Overlapped voices) That’s it – if you get the check minus ✓- it’s like devastating, you’re like “OH NO – I’M dOing BAD!” A minus – !? Let me just edit that into a plus + … *laughter!* You guys get hit? Ehlboy: Yes Claire: Yah… Dom: I didn’t get hit.
Claire: Only in China though Dom: *I didn’t get hit…!* I got hit verbally and that was… Claire: I got both! Jomm: They made us write letters of apologies like if you get sent to the principal’s office. Dom: I wonder if like, principals that actually read that? Ehlboy: Mine definitely did because you would read it And if you would like show us our mistakes as we’re writing. And I was like oh. [laughing] Dom: So they critiqued your apology!?
Ehlboy: You’re already sorry man! “You spelled this wrong.” Dom: Take the damn apology – holy crap! Jomm: There was this is one time in high school I was in my uh, social studies class or something like that, and I was just sitting there It’s really boring class And then Gabe kicks the door open Right? And he- my friend Gabe, uh, he kicks the door up and he’s like “Ma’am. I need Jomm, right now!” so so she looked at him like “Okay, alright- what is it- what do you need him for?”
He’s like “It’s an emergency” So I walked out the doors I was like- “Dude, Gabe what’s wrong- did something – did something happen wh- what’s wrong?” And he’s like “Dude – I just got you out of class! Isn’t that sick?” I was like, *Oh fppth!* And then we just- we just left and then we just want to go hang out till school was over. When you go to a school, you know how you have to give them your contacts? Like your parent’s or whatever? *Who to call when there is an issue*; and I just put my grandpa so then cuz he can’t speak English [laughing]
Claire: Wow… There was a point where I- my friend’s mom called me In the middle like- the night I’ll call him uh, I’ll call him Andrew Dom: Or Randy? Jomm: Or Randy, his mom called me in the middle of the night and she was smart about this She called me on Andy’s cell phone. She took his cell phone It called me like “hey, what’s up?” And she’s just crying like this. You just tell me something like “Oh, my son is doing bad in the school because you the bad friend. I dont want him to talk to you.” I’m just like – oh my god- like, shes like- “Promise me you will not talk to my son anymore.” Was like “I’mst – what?” I like – I didn’t know what to say! I’ve never been in this situation where a mom called me and called me a piece of *shit*. Everyone: [Laughs] Jomm: So I can’t hang out with somebody else like-Jesus Christ. I- I didn’t know what to do I’m pretty sure me and Randy had to hang out like secretly or something. I don’t know Ehlboy: Dude, it’s like Romeo and Juliet- [laughing] Dom: Randy, Randy let down your hair! I can’t my mom bowl cut me! [more laughter] Jomm: I think for for me, like, a lot of my friends They had a ban on relationships, especially during high school, their parents were like “You cannot have a boyfriend or girlfriend” They should have just been like “You can’t see your girlfriend, unless you get an A” and then you’d be like, “Okay!” Dom: Yeah that’s like, that’s the better incentive. Ehlboy: Like “If you get an A, like, I’ll drive you.” Jomm: “I’ll pay for your date tonight!” Like, I don’t know if it was my first or my second girlfriend, But I remember I told my dad and he’s like, “oh you have a girlfriend?” “How many?” And I was just like – [laughing] Dom: What the fuck??
Claire: What? How ‘many’?! Yeah, they were just like “Date as much as you can now, because then you- you’ll learn, and you won’t make stupid mistakes later when you’re an adult.” When I grew up, I obviously wasn’t the smartest student and my family was always worried about that, but they kind of got over it But my grandparents never got over it and there was this one time where I released an animation It was Ice Cream 2 [?] back in like 2009 or something, right? And it was the first time I ever got paid for an animation I got $100 from in back then, it was like a million dollars to a kid, right? I was like, “Holy crap. I can make money doing this!?” “I can buy some new bones” But then my grandpa pulled me aside one night and he’s like, “Hey Jomm, you know, I think it’s cool that you like to draw these weird stick people, but you know I don’t want you taking money from the internet because that’s *blood money* and Ehlboy: What? Whoa… Jomm: It’s like “You have to get a real job, you know, you have to- you have to work with your own hands, hard labour.” But once my mum saw, she was like, “Holy crap you would – *this* is what you’re doing this whole time? I thought you were just dumb, like – go ahead keep doing this!” Ehlboy: See what I thought was interesting like uh- like I went to some art schools and stuff I would always like notice like- there’s nine girls for every one guy or something- I remember I talked about it with my mom and she’s like, “You’ll notice that none of the guys are Asian.” Like why? and she just straight up told me like “Asians never let their kids become artists – Especially if they’re males.” And then she tells me these stories like Parents like, they would like, break their kids crayons and stuff like-
[gasps] Like if they found her kid drawing, they would immediately crush all their dreams- as fast as they can. (Literally crush their-)
“Nooo…” Yeah, like literally crushed all their supplies and like stop them. And then the’d give them like- math problems to do or something I don’t know Jomm: You guys ever been bullied for being Asian in your school like racist- kids? Ehlboy: Nope. Jomm: No y-you frickin… Yeah like “They’re all Asians” Dom: I think- what was the one that was like-“Chinese, Japanese… something knees” (Look at these?) Claire: They did that to me and I’m just like *what?* [seriously never do this] Dom: What? I’m F i l i p i n o
*mild laughter* In high school I was like walking home from uh- from my friend’s house I’m just walking by this house that has, the garage is open and a bunch of these little like- f—ppth boy white kids in the garage And then they look at me and they’re like “go back to the railroad” and I’m like “what the f—ppth? I’m not even Chinese!” “Look, I didn’t contribute to that!” Took me a while to process what they meant, but I knew it was racist. *laughter* Ehlboy: Like, that’s all you knew…
Dom: Yeah, it felt racist Claire: I think people made fun of my accent, because I used to have a Chinese accent when I first came to Canada. But like that was about it. Ehlboy: Dude, I don’t even worry about it, I slept and was born here, speaking English all my life- Dom: I don’t really practice Tagalog at home So when I went to the Philippines instead of speaking Tagalog I just started speaking English with a- Filipino accent [laughing] Try to like, cuz i was trying to blend in Did you get a Korean name even though you were born here? Ehlboy: Yeah, I mean like, it’s decided by your grandparents, usually Well like, if you get really traditional, you go to a fortune teller and they assign you a syllable For the generation you’re born in. Dom: Your second syllable is EH [Laughs] Dom: How do- how do you say Park in like Korean like- Korean accent? Ehlboy: It’s just Pak. I don’t know. Dom: Is that another one of variances like Pak? Ehlboy: Yeah, like mine is like Lee, but there is no L in the Korean enunciation. It’s just ee like ||||||REEEEE|||||| Everyone: [Laughs] Jomm: Is it random but I forgot to mention earlier in the getting hit part – there was one time my mom got really mad at me, and tried to throw a shoe And then she missed and it *pff* hit my brother. [Laughs] She’s like “You can cash that in later” Everyone: [Laughs] Dom: You know what I didn’t have as a kid? Security on the internet. That Nigerian prince still hasn’t gotten back to me after all these years… But hey, if you guys want a peace of mind while you’re on the web, check out Nord VPN, easy and simple. Best VPN out there. VPNs are a great way to protect your privacy and security online, allowing you to serve the internet anonymously with absolutely no data logging using military-grade encryption. With its thousands of servers in over 60 countries, it’s lightweight and user friendly interface, you can virtually be wherever you please with Nord VPN. Being in the US at this moment, it’s very convenient for me to access all of my Canadian sites as if I’m still back home and I feel safe doing it too. But it’s not only for Canada. I want the internet to think I’m in Italy? Done. Head North a little bit, I’m in Sweden. Cho Hong Kong? They’ve got that too. Super fast servers protect up to six devices at once available on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS Not sure if you like it? No worries. You have 30 days to get your money back guaranteed. Once again, that’s Nord VPN dot com slash DOMICS with the code DOMICS for 77% off a three-year plan That’s $275 a month my dude. Enjoy!

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  1. im from saudia and i usually get bullied cuz i talk arabic by accident, BOI WHAT DO YOU THINK? OF COURCE I WILL TALK ARABIC BY ACCIDENT I LEAVED IN JEDDAH 15 YEARS!! ahh… it's fine it's fine =~=

  2. white people: parents pull up on driveway oh snap didn’t do the laundry oh well
    asian people: parents pull up on driveway

    i f o r g o t t o c o o k t h e r i c e

  3. Im NOT asian I’m Irish and i don’t get an Allowance I have to take off my shoes i have a slipper basket and DO NOT GET IN BED WITH MY SHOES ON THAT SHIT NASTY

  4. honestly i don't understand why in some cultures people use their shoes inside, in norway we always take them off. it's just convenient because the floor won't get as dirty

  5. Indian Parent logic

    HS/University: You get gf/bf now, you flip burgers at the McDonald’s!!!!

    Once you walk of graduation stage: Where are my grandchildren you bloody son of a b!!!

    What’s really funny is that the mom says the son of a b part.

  6. Thres so mny Filipinos that are doing animations in youtube and not vlogging but they are very SUCCESFUL 👍👍👍 I'm a Filipino too.. LOVE YOUR ACCENTSSSS!!! ❤❤❤

  7. Asia grading system:
    A = average
    B = below average
    C = can't eat dinner
    D = don't come home

  8. Wait did you live in a neighborhood when you were in California??? Cause I was in a neighborhood when I stayed with my cousin :3
    I wanna meet you irl now ;-;

  9. Although I'm not an Asian I want to be an Asian. Everyone in school is an Asian so they tease me because I'm a non Asian(--;)(--;)(-_-;) if I had friends like yours.

  10. bruh trick to drinking han yak (Korean medicine) when drinking it is to hold your nose so you can drink it without tasting most of it.

    You're welcome.

  11. Lmao I don't wear slippers in the house and when I go out I sometimes get to lazy so I just run outside barefoot

  12. omg my mom was just like:
    *looks in mirror:
    me: *walks into the restroom

  13. I was not bulloed because of I am asian. They also thought me
    but I was just Turkish..
    They also bullied me a lot for my English with Russian accent.

    P.S. when I look to the mirror I can't see myself as Asian but everyone sees me Asian

  14. My cousin was sleeping over at my house and he was lying down on my bed, whole ass shoes on. I was like "dude, take your shoes off" and then he did, socks still on, and played the shoes on the bed. Like what is your thought process my guy?

  15. I honestly wish i got allowance or free time but in my family you just clean the same area everyday and get a total of $0.00 it was boring and irritating but i was used to it, i do have to admit i was jealous of all my friends who did get an allowance but didn't do any chores

  16. I went to this new school and this one guy asked me if I liked this other guy just because we were both African and then a few weeks later another guy was annoying me about the same guy, again probably because we are both African

  17. and lets not forget how Asian parents want you to be successful in the future
    and get a job like a lawyer or something XD

  18. My parents (mostly my father) did most to all the things listed in the first couple of minutes in raising me and we're Colombian..
    It's a really nice coincidence in cultures though

  19. For the shitty eye joke i look them đéad in the eyes and say vietnam dumbass oh wait u wouldnt know cause your a racist idiot then thry called me a zipperhead and i punched them

  20. Some kids respect me cuz i am Asian.

    Cuz they think i will put a chopstick up their ass. Lmao

  21. All those are so truee. I always accidentally step out of my house with slippers and my mom gives me a whole lecture about it.

  22. Me: Eyyy Asian squad
    Some random Asian dude: Nah dude you are middle Eastern
    Me: Eyyy middle Eastern squad
    Some random middle Eastern dude: Your Asian

    (I am half Pakistani and just a little Japanese)

  23. In our house we’re allowed to wear our shoes downstairs but not upstairs because we have tile downstairs and carpet upstairs

  24. Yeah, it’s cause asian adults/ parents are really strict on education and then they give you a lecture if you get a grade lower than 100.

  25. I just realized I'm asian and this was recommended so….. GOD DAMN RACIST YOUTUBE (cough cough) …derpo

  26. I'm Croatian and I do get allowance but it was like 5 Croatian Kunas up to like 20 Croatian Kunas
    That's, btw 75 cents up to 1.95 dollars
    And everybody was happy with that coz we could buy Chips, Juice, Lollipops, Gum etc.

  27. I remember when I was judged by appearance. I was walking home and these 2 guys from high school just came and said I was dumb Jewish person. But I was actually Muslim

  28. "Asian parents would never let their kid become artists"
    That's actually so accurate. My mom never allows me to draw when I wanna relax:

    My mom: stop drawing! Why don't you spend your time doing more important stuff like maths? You'd never use drawing irl, and your drawings are trash anyways (literally)
    Me: umm actually 98% of school knowledge is garbage–
    My mom: shut up and go study!

  29. Ok, are we secretly siblings or somthing?! this is everything my parents do! even down to the plucking hair thing!!!!

  30. 3 bucks a week is lucky… i don't get an allowance so i don't even get a penny a year..My grandma used to give me 20 bucks for my bday every year but shes gone now :C

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