GRANNY vs HELLO NEIGHBOR 2 (3D Horror Game Animation Official)

Previously on Granny vs Neighbor Hey, Granny, is it you
making this noise? This is even scarier than
your house, Granny… Ouch! Who Are you?! Why Are you doing this? Very soon I will
resurrect your family As I promised… Oh, great and valorous, Satan! Well, actually, you’re
not that valorous… But you have the skin color of tomato spaghetti sauce! That’s why I respect you. Ah… Get to the point, Papyrus. Have you kidnapped the child? Oh, well… The child… I have little
troubles with this… He simply refuses to
be caught in my traps! Even I have gotten
into one of them Thanks to my purely
careless bones! Guards! Take him out of here! It’s unbearable… Oh, my brothers,
what are you doing? Tell me right now, is it
because I’m skinless? Well, of course, I don’t
have straight horns and these little
moustache- girl magne… Neighbor, at least you
don’t disappoint me. What do you have? Ah? Yes! I have completed the
terms of our contract. Four people are locked
in the basement. The rest is up to you. Great job! Now we are talking! I just lack four more slaves
to clean my shiny shoes! Ahaha! When will you
resurrect my family? Hm… Yes, sure… My servants will soon
go along with this one. But… We made a deal! I kidnap four people for you… And you return my family
the very moment I do it! Excuse me! What did you say? A deal? Did I catch it correctly? Yes… A deal… You-you promised. Do I look like a man to
be trusted, neighbor? I… Yes or no? No. Then why did you trust me? Wanted to return your beloved
wife and the young son… who died in the car crash
a year ago, right? Yes… Yeees! You fell into despair and
decided to come to me Because you cannot
live without them. You would do anything for them… But what would you do… If there’s an emergency? If I deceive you? If I take four
slaves from you… And only laugh at your
helplessness in return? If you aren’t ready
for that now… Then you’re late. My servants are on a half
way to your house right now And that shouldn’t be a problem for
them to open the door to your basement And take what is
rightfully mine. Four. Miserable. Souls. Hey! Move, you moustached dummy! I wanna smoke, come on! You hear, moustached dummy? You’re getting under my feet So… Get the hell out of
my Flame Kingdom! I… I will not… Let it be this way! Let it be… This is for your
own good, dummy. Hey, man, keep the line
moving, for Satan Sake! Hail Satan, the line moved! Ow! Shhh… Hm… We are not alone here… Oh, no! I don’t want anyone else! Shhh… Oh… Sorry… Keep an eye out. It can be the neighbor… Or somebody worse… Well, Granny… You know how to comfort
your grandson… Hey! This wall is too
salty to my taste! Wow! Do you wanna know who else will Bob
and Granny meet in the basement? Let’s hit 5 000 likes
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AGARiO with ANGRY BIRDS ♫ 3D animated game mashup ☺ FunVideoTV – Style ;-))

AGARiO with ANGRY BIRDS  ♫  3D animated game mashup  ☺ FunVideoTV – Style ;-))

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