Goku vs Thanos – Fan Animation – Dragon Ball Super and Avengers Crossover

Goku vs Thanos – Fan Animation – Dragon Ball Super and Avengers Crossover

If you are the most powerful on earth, your planet is doomed Let’s see if I can’t give you bit of a challenge Why do you waste my time with hard efforts? You’re really good. I’m impressed I will not spare your world. i got a feeling this is gonna take a while a pathetic attempt of a pathetic specie Your continued luck is no match for my power stone quit playing with me and hit me with all you got Whatever What’s happening to him?

AGARiO with ANGRY BIRDS ♫ 3D animated game mashup ☺ FunVideoTV – Style ;-))

AGARiO with ANGRY BIRDS  ♫  3D animated game mashup  ☺ FunVideoTV – Style ;-))

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  1. We did something a little different this time, I hope you enjoy this fight between Goku and Thanos (2 stones of infinity, power and space)

    Fizemos algo um pouco diferente dessa vez, espero que gostem dessa luta entre Goku contra Thanos(2 joias do infinito, poder e espaço)

  2. Guys my cousin and i were watching this and he thought goku base form was ultra instinct and then he was like WHAT HOW IS IS POSSIBLE WHAT IS HE SSJ INSTINCT lol…

  3. What thanos was that? The thanos from the comics has powers of his own without the stones and is insanely strong.

  4. I've said it on other channels. Where are your original comics movies? Your artwork is great. But enough of others. Put yours up and let your fans see how good you are! Look at tech 9, Hopsin. Independent artist that have a huge following. Todd McFarland, Jim Lee, they started their own and some of their characters are still talked about. Don't sell yourself short!

  5. Vegeta at 18k power level in Saiyan Saga could have destroyed the earth with his garlick gun. By Frieza saga, GOKU’s power level was 150m. By Cell Saga, it was billions. By DBS, who knows… we know for a fact SSJ3 Goku did not even reach 1%. of Beerus’ power. And later he was able to go God mode with at least increase his power by hundreds times.

    By the way, Dragon Ball was based on Journey to the West. Goku is based on a character with the same name who defied the Taoist gods. The emperor of god was hiding under a table when Goku bursted his way into the heavenly palace. This emperor of gods exist in marvel, and he is a skyfather who is on the same level as Odin.

  6. Using that gauntlet guko is with just one snap of thanos finger guko will end up to dust.this is the simple expkanation of this THIS VIDEO IS NONSENSE

  7. i must say i felt good seeing goku win and all that but it was pretty lame taking into consideration that normal goku couldnt do anything to thanos but could destroy planets in the same form while we see weaklings like ironman and spiderman able to atleast move him when they hit him . so im kinda disappointed at how goku was downplayed but good animation though.

  8. Honestly Goku could have beat him in standard God form. That alone gives him the power to complete with Lord Beerus, who would probably kill Thanos with little effort.

  9. goku: i'm the strongest!!!
    thanos: no! i'm the strongest!!!
    saitama appears
    saitama: hello. . . . .um what's going on here?
    goku and thanos:. . . . . .shit😨

  10. It's always ultra instinct, why. Can't we just have traditional DBZ Goku, ssj3 max, thanos is strong, he's stronger than the Hulk without the power stone, so that puts him around ssj2 level, however he doesn't have anywhere near the speed of a super Saiyan, so his fighting abilities are limited, with the power stone he probably matches a ssj4, so one lucky hit is all it takes, but his lack of speed, he'd never touch Goku as ssj3, sigh

  11. Nah Cooler & Thanos fused or a episode where goku black meets thanos would be dope omm 💯

  12. If you look at it this way thanos beat hulk and hulk is like broly. Just look at the comparisons between the two the more they get mad the more stronger they get. Goku and Vegeta had to go blue and fuse to beat broly. That's just my interpretation how strong Thanos is that's not including the gauntlet and stones. So I don't think Goku would beat Thanos in base form if maybe another form if Thanos don't have all infinite stones

  13. Nice animation, to keep it interesting Thanos had to land a hit I guess. But tbh even base form Goku would shred Thanos with only 2 stones.

    Full gauntlet, Goku would still win, he moves faster than you can see at SSJ1 level, so if he goes God, theres no way Thanos could even snap his fingers before Goku punches a hole through him.

  14. Thanos doesn’t have that defense. If anything let’s pretend the hits that thanos took as ssb he used the time stone👍👍👍

  15. thanos weak with out his gloves and if it was real fight goku was ending the fight in single punch thanos was killed in instant

  16. Goku breaks the titanium cyborg's arm with his knee.

    Thanos would go down in one hit.

    Thanos has gauntlet to stop the time.
    Goku has instant transmission.

    If Goku wants to become a One Punch Man, he just needs to come to the DC and beat Thanos's butt.

  17. Goku can kill thanos with one hit in his normal form marvel heroes and capcom are all a joke they are all worthless 😂😂😂😂 goku can kill all of them combine with kaioken x5 😂😂 that's how worthless all these avengers marvel capcom heroes are 💩💩💩

  18. Stones don't work on god level entities. Goku has copious amounts of god ki so I'm going to speculate and say thanos snap wouldn't do anything to goku. He's beyond weak ass attacks like that.

  19. Goku would win, if thanos snap is enough to defeat him which it isn’t, Goku would literally go so fast and rip the gauntlet out of his hand. Without it, thanos is powerless. Ssjbk Goku is so fast he goes through stopped time

  20. That was great i wish they would make a video game like that with characters from different shows could fight one another to see who's the best in the universe

  21. This is wrong thanos power level is over 908.46sextillion but goku’s is 600.5sextillion in ultrainstince

  22. This is inaccurate as fuck, Goku would be thanos in bass form suppressed to 1% and obliterate him by flicking him on the forehead, end of discussion, Goku >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> retardos

  23. This is a bit out of context but; am I the only one who thinks that both Vegeta and Gamora have a lot in common? I mean they were both raised by the evil tyrants that destroyed their home worlds and murdered their families. Gamora and Vegeta did unspeakable things in the name of Thanos/Frieza. Both Vegeta and Gamora betrayed Frieza/Thanos and joined the Z Fighters/Guardians of the Galaxy. Both Thanos and Frieza had a soft spot for Gamora/Vegeta only to end up killing them at the end. Against all odds Gamora fell in love with Quill whom she used to think of as one of the biggest idiots in the galaxy and against all odds Vegeta fell in love with Bulma whom he used to think of as a weakling earthly woman. Honestly, how can nobody else see this?!

  24. I love both marvel and dragon ball but saying base form goku could kill thanos with all infinity stones is just flat out retarded I've watched dragon ball almost my entire life but there is no way base form goku could kill thanos in general with all 6 infinity stones goku alone would have trouble in ultra instinct I'm sorry dudes it's just not happening I'm not saying goku can't win I'm just saying in base form he would be slaughtered against all the infinity stones

  25. Goku's base is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy stronger than Thanks because he is stronger than when he first became SSJG
    Plus Thanos have an Ultimate Hakai that Zeno also have.
    My opinion: Ultimate Hakai: can destroy things beyond your power plus if this was a real fight and goku knew what this Infinity Gauntlet can possibly do, the first thing he would do is cut his hands as fast as possible as I said in first line goku is way stronger than thanos so he would use his speed to cut his hands

  26. thanos was shown way too weak! with true powers i.e his comic book powers, he would have killed beerus even whis as he has damaged galactus and odin. the unexpected, useless and the dumbest end

  27. normal Goku is able to destroy a planet; yellow-haired Goku can destroy solar system; blue-haired Goku can destroy a galaxy easily; white-haired Goku is able to destroy a galaxy supercluster and beyond; now please enlighten me on what ground did you bring Thanos to face off with him? Even with infinity stones,Thanos is just a planetary destroyer, a super weak villain compared to Goku; Dragon Ball Universe characters' power are at galaxy level or higher; next time try to bring at least Beyonder or Living Tribunal to fight Goku

  28. If thanos has the infinity gauntlet then it will be almost certain that he will win but without it then he is weak. In fact. Android 18 would actually win against him (without the gauntlet of course) because first of all. She won against captain marvel and captain marvel can also beat thanos without the gauntlet. But we did not see that in endgame because then it would be too obvious. So yeah

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