GOKU vs SUPERMAN – The Animated Movie

GOKU vs SUPERMAN –  The Animated Movie

Goku vs Superman Starring Goku Starring Superman Really, that’s your super power? You change your hair color? Alright, let’s do this I think this belongs to you. Catch! My god. He’s insanely strong I can’t rely on trading punches with him Alright then. Let’s use a plan to beat this guy You’re clearly outmatched. You should just give up now If I can’t outrun it, I’ll just have to punch it back! You’re stronger than I, but my skills surpass you in every way! There’s no way you can defeat me. Yeah, there’s just one thing about that. I never give up. Is he invincible? I landed a direct hit! What’s going on? I have the advantage a minute ago Wait a second. When did we get so high up? I get stronger as I get closer to the sun. It was my plan all along to bring you up here. My power is draining at this rate. You were a worthy opponent. But this fight is over! What the hell? This is the end! KAIOKEN What the Damn! When did he get so strong? He’s too fast, I can’t even defend myself! That’s enough damage. Now I can end it! Kamehame HAAAAAAAAAAAAA That’s not good! Time for the final blow! What the hell? It can’t be. How is he still alive? I have to be careful. He still has enough power to kill me. Never did I think I would find an enemy that would push me this far. What’s he doing up there? Allow me to show you real power. [Superman Screaming] This is really bad! What is this strange ki? Superman One Million Prime Such enormous power Unfathomable power I’ve never felt anything like this It looks like I am going to have to try it I don’t know if it will work again [Goku Screaming]

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100 Replies to “GOKU vs SUPERMAN – The Animated Movie”

  1. Watching this recently and I am just gonna say I love the DragonBall series and am a huge fan of Goku but if you line up the 2 Superman and Goku, Superman is by far faster stronger and more capable than goku even in an omnigod form as Prime one million superman

  2. Jajajajajajajajajajajajajaja la peor animación pseudo americana chafa dándole méritos al héroe de América ante un Titan como goku jajajajajaja goku vence a super man sin necesidad de transformarse jajajajajajaja lo más chafa jamás visto. DISLIKE

  3. I dont understand how ppl compare goku and superman. Goku has beat foes stronger then him and superman. The difference between Goku and superman is goku has managed to surpass those who is stronger than him. When the Android came back from traveling to a different dimension too find all knowledge he ran through the Justice League like it was nothing. Superman didn't stand a chance. Superman couldnt lay a fonger on the android. Goku fight gods and beings that has tasted God power such as Majin Buu. The tournament of power was a whole nother level of some God s*** I don't even see Superman beating jiren. Stop comparing rocks to boulders.

  4. And another thing Superman couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag. Superman cannot fight for s**. Only thing that saves Superman in a fight is his invulnerability besides to Kryptonite .other than that Superman can't fight for s** .all the people he fight get fatigued and that's how he mainly wins his big fights. Superman be fighting a worthy foe and the foe be whooping his ass and then they get tired and then he'll capitalizes on it .thats not a bad thing. Heres the thing what if superman fought someone who wasnt new how to fight different story. Superman would morr likely want to learn from goku because goku is a universal martial arts master.if Superman was to fight someone like Goku a martial arts master that's not going to hesitate or play with him. he wouldn't stand a chance if goku stood in front of him. Goku usual test each level with an opponent to see if they are worthy of his God levels but if Goku deems you Worthy he can instantly transform to his God level he is always at God level Goku just always play possum. He never reveals his true power until you think u got it.

  5. Every time there's a movie made with Superman versus Goku the director of the clip makes Superman out to be something that he is not .he would never be able to trade blows with Goku, no way in hell. the way he is trading blows in this clip. If u watch Superman the animated series and watch Justice League Superman. Superman cannot Rumble I don't know why they pipe Superman up every time they make a movie with superman vs. Goku . they are not on the same f**** level .do not juice him up because he is fighting Goku we seen how Superman fight Superman cannot f**** fight he is not on the level of a martial arts master like Goku.

  6. Man, what an awesome video! Respect to both Superman and me! Me and Superman should go for a drink after this, but that is, if both of us emerged alive from this…

  7. gentlemen always remember goku is always pushes to break his limits when he fights, Superman on the other hand always puches to holds back when he fights even against enemies that seem to be stronger than him. so what do you get when an unstoppable force meets an inmovable object, a BIG BANG DRAW. Their fight would literally equal the end of multiverses.

  8. “Never did I think I’d find an enemy that would push me this far!”
    Flashbacks to Doomsday stabbing him in the chest

  9. Goku & Superman stand face to face. The intense energy between the two is felt throughout the universe. Goku turns towards the sun & destroys it. Goku then bitch slaps Superman miles deep into the earth. The fight over! Goku uses Instant Transmission to Namek for some wishes. Porunga restores the sun & any damage to earth that may have occurred.🖕Superman… Goku is the G.O.A.T!!! THE END!!!🍺🤣

  10. Goku would win, no question but it's an interesting battle because Goku power, strength is 100% from his kai while Superman is 100% raw strength. Example you can deflect or catch a blast but your kai has to do it, its like not popping a bubble, so when superman punched it, well it should have exploded.

  11. It must be windy in the desert lol, oh and if superman wanted to powerup up could you see him going to a tanning bed or using on of those sun reflecting tan things lol.

  12. For those who's watching this in 2019 and wanting for part 2, please, it's about 3 freakin' years ago he might have forgotten it and also he's been working on Anime War Episode 12 which should be almost 1 hour long. So please give him a damn break. That's all.

  13. No research, fanboy bias, misinterpretation and mess ups with power levels.
    This is the TRUE Goku vs Superman fight.

  14. Depends which Superman your talking about, if it’s Superman in the movies, then Goku would just go SSJ.

    But if it’s Cosmic Armor Superman then even if Goku goes MUI it doesn’t matter.

  15. Ssgssj Goku is way stronger than Superman. Look Goku can just take Superman to another solar system and Superman ain’t shit; Goku is still Goku.

  16. This is amazing I have never seen Superman do these things on any series why isn't anyone noticing that this is completely inconsistent with Superman's abilities he's never fought this fast he is never charged and these are all things done on DBZ not DC Superman could never fight Goku and expect to win

  17. Why did you make super man over powerd af even in the comics he is not this strong goku in base form would beat the crap out if superman


  19. This not superman it is saitama dressed as superman
    Like seriously do you think superman stands a chance against goku

  20. Batman beats super
    All Goku has to do is instant transmission to where there is no sun take superfag with him because he is very capable bam Goku wins fanboys you loose and so does Superman

  21. Remember when super sayan 3 would shake the earth? Now hes going super sayan god blue and theres barely a light breeze

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