Game Grumps Animated – YODA JOKES – by Mike Bedsole

*Beepity-beep, broop!* I have a joke for you, Dan! Okay, uh… tell it to me… What kind of car do I drive? Uhm… Tsk. I don’t know. A ToYODA! Dan: Oh my god…
Arin: MWWWWWWWWRHRM. FUNNYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY JOKE! It’s not… it’s not funny. *laughs* It’s not. What… Uhm… Dan. *sigh* What is it Yoda? I’ve got a funny joke for youuuu! That’s cool. Would you like to hear it? Yeah, go ahead. What is a jedi’s favorite Italian dessert? Uhm… I don’t know. MMMMMMRRRHM. Obi van KENOLI. Dan: *laughs* Arin, no! Please!
Arin: MWWWWWWRHM. Dan: Please, I can’t! I can’t… I can’t do it… both…
both of these things at once. FUNNNYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY JOKE! *bonk* *bonk* God dammit! Hey, Dan! Dan: *sigh*
Arin: I’ve got a new joke for you! What is it, Yoda? Where does…*laughs*… Where does Vader… …get all of his designer SHOES? Where is that? Where is that, Yoda? At the Darth MALL. MMMMMMWRM. WHAT THE FUCK?! Dan: This is impossible!
Arin: Funnyyyyyyyyyyy Dan: NO!!! Shut up Yoda!
Arin: …yyyyy JOKE! *both laugh* Dan: Like… there’s nothing you can do, man!
Arin: *laughs* Dan: Oh god, don’t throw the wrenches!
Arin: *still laughs* That was GOOD. Oh my god. That was a good one!

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