Game Grumps Animated – Dan’s Many Stories – by ThePivotsXXD

Game Grumps Animated – Dan’s Many Stories – by ThePivotsXXD

*Game Grumps Intro* Dan: A woman walked into a CVS Dan: I believe she was a- Dan: a- peruser of crack Dan: Um, cause she had the wig and everything like that Arin: Yeah Dan: And she – uh, just came in and yelled, like: “Ay yo, where the pussy products at?!” Dan: And the person behind the counter was like: “Um, aisle eight” Dan: And she was like: “Bo’kay!” *Dan and Arin laughing fit* Dan: My friend and I were in aaa- CVS Dan: No, a, Kentucky Fried Chicken Dan: God, it’s been awhile Dan: I can’t remember the story clearly Arin: Uh-huh Dan: We were in a-uh-fast food restaurant. Dan: It was bit of a “ghetto restaurant” Dan: if you catch my drift Dan: And, uh, this woman Dan: this large woman was ordering, like Dan: two GIANT, like, family meals, like enough food for eight people Dan: And the little girl behind the counter *laugh* Dan: was like, “Is there for here or to go?’ Dan: And the giant woman was like, “Bu’scuse me?” “You think I can eat all this by myself?” Dan: And the girl from behind the counter was like, “Bitch, I don’t know your life!” *Laughing* Dan: Hooh, that- Arin: “Buh’scuse me?” Dan: *laughs* “Bo’kay!” *Arin laughs* *Game Grumps outro* *Deep voice* Ay yo, where the pussy products at?!

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  1. Every so often, b’okay just randomly pops into my head, and then I have to refrain from laughing because I’m reminded of this amazing video

  2. I showed this to my dad and I looked at his reaction and he just did the nice “I’m watching something my daughter showed me” smile and I was oh okay he don’t like? And then a few days later my dad referenced this! 😂 he was like it’s like Sam’s video: “BOKAY” 😂 best day of my life

  3. I swear to Christ this happened to me and a buddy of mine when we went to Florida. We had to leave we were laughing so hard. XD

  4. Top funny lines:
    Is this for here or to go?
    Bu'cuse me?
    E Y Y O W H E R E T H E P U S S Y P R O D U C T S A T?!

  5. Annoying Friend: omg what happened today was crazy!

    Me:what happened?

    Annoying Friend: you should know God your supposed to be my friend!

    Me: 0:56

  6. I worked at a grocery store and a fast food place. I have had people say "Approciate it!" And while ordering instead of saying "Uuuuuhhhhhh" They would say "UUUUURRRRRR" I was like you trying to be Madea?

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