Game Grumps Animated – Bears – by Jordan Welty

Game Grumps Animated – Bears – by Jordan Welty

*Game Grumps animated opening*
Arin: *Laughs* D: Guess that comes from the stock m
arket terms like if you’re Bullish on stocks it means you think D: they’re gonna go up and if you’re a bear that means, you’re a large, hairy, gay man. A: That’s true.
D: And you think the stocks are gonna go down. A: Did you know here’s a Tinder just for bears?
D: Wow, we should get on that. A: Yeah I forget what it’s called but it’s something hilarious like Honey, or something like that, you know? D: Oh my god!
A: like beehive or- D: You have no idea how much I wish it was just a Tinder for actual bears- D: -the animal.
A: Yeah *Makes bear noise* A: It’s hard to find good people in The forest these days. D: Age sex location, uhh…. D: Two-
A: Ross’s backyard D: Bear, forest.
A: Roar *Laughs* A: Where’d you go to school?
D: Bear College. A: Oh cool
D: Yeah A: University of bear
D: Yeah
A: UFC D: Yeah, I was like, am I gonna learn about bears? And they were like, no- D: -this is University for bears and then I looked around and sure enough everyone else was a bear. A: I was like all right-
D: Including the person I was talking to which is why- D: -I couldn’t understand him initially, cause he just said “urrrgh” A: *Laughs* D: I was like wait a minute? D: This is like the time I was in the gay bar and didn’t know it but like with bears Both: *Snicker*
A: But with actual bears
D: Right. A:Wow Dan…
D: Mm-Hmm?
A: That was a good bit D: You think you run the world but I’ll tell you what the forests and streams belong to us bears. A: Who run the world? Bears.

100 Replies to “Game Grumps Animated – Bears – by Jordan Welty”

  1. The animation from 1:12 onwards is great. Making the entire room full of people transition like that is really impressive.

  2. 0:37 sex location? Uhhh…
    *First place that comes to mind where two bears could have sex is Ross’s backyard

    (Ps watch the video at 200% speed it’s hilarious)

  3. Game Grumps talking about Growlr and Gay Men that are Huge
    Me: should i point out I'm a Female or…..? also my bro Christian James is Gonna be Pissed at me for using his account. 😛 don't care. My name is Isabelle James, Christian's Older Sis. (He calls me Lil Sis, i call him big bro, despite me being Taller, Older, and Much more mature, mature enough to not laugh at Toliet jokes. -_- )

  4. Bear Julian gives me life!
    This animation is so great in lots of specific places & I like the colors. Arin moving his head as he say "Just for bears?" looks outstanding.

  5. 1:14 oh my fucking (falls off the chairs laughing) how the fuck did they get away with showing that game anyways

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