Fix Under Extrusion on Ender 3 – Plus Cura 4.4 Plugin

On today’s episode I’m going to show you
a new plugin that’s available in cura 4.4 I’m also going to show you a problem
that I found while I was testing with the stock extruder on Ender 3 I know
some people have replaced the PTFE tube or done other things but still have
under extrusion this could be the problem I’ll show you what it is and
that plug-in on today’s filament Friday filament Friday is brought to you by
these patreon supporters I’ve been testing out the new Ultimaker cura
version 4.4 and here it is I got the CHEP cube loaded so I’ll click on about
cura just to prove this is version 4.4 frankly there’s not a whole lot new in
this one thing I did like is when I installed it on my Mac it automatically
brought in all my profiles so that was nice I didn’t have to reload profiles
that seemed to work well so what I want to do is just slice this chip cube at
point two eight layer height says it’s gonna take 29 minutes now what I want to
show you is this modified g-code script it’s a new one the person who created it
actually tipped me off to this they left a message in one of my videos and so I’m
gonna scroll up here to display remaining time and LCD and I know
display is spelled wrong so does he it’s gonna fix it but what this does is
actually display on the LCD how much time is left of the print so I’ll check
the box to enable it and then that’ll make the little wrench appear still 29
minutes so it’s not gonna take any longer to do this let’s send this to and
under three and see what it looks like so it’s heated up to bed it’s heated up
to hot end and it’s actually gonna start printing because you can see it’s
already taking 1 minutes 4% done according to that but it still says
extruder heating so it’s a little bit delayed but then it says 28 minutes and
8 seconds even though above it it says two minutes
completed so that implies 30 minutes but I no cura said 29 basically every layer
it jumps to a new layer it updates the time left so there’s 27 minutes now
there’s 26 minutes I sped this up a little bit so it works pretty good
so that’s an interesting app but what’s even more interesting is what happened
to my printer I used my printer that I just recently
put new Capricorn tubing and couplings on it and look at the results I got from
this thing totally under extruded a terrible terrible print and what’s
ironic is I’ve been getting a lot of emails and questions from people saying
they replace their Capricorn – and put a new nozzle on it did all kinds of things
and still can’t get rid of the under extrusion well let me show you what I
found I reran the print and the first layer
just looked awful just terrible as you can see so I knew I had an under
extrusion problem so I decided to just change the nozzle so I’ll unscrewed it
and then let it cool and then took a look at it
it seemed fine but I decided to put a new one in anyway so I grabbed the new
nozzle tightened it up and then tried printing it again and I started to get
the same results but then you could see it start to get better well that’s
because I pulled on the lever arm and this seemed to push the filament through
better so I knew there was slipping going on here so I decided to look even
closer at ahead let go of the arm and check it out the idler arm is not
writing against the gear the the idler wheel is not spinning so the filament is
just slipping and this was the problem I loosened the lever arm screw like I
showed in a previous video that didn’t help it seemed the only thing that
worked is if I pulled on the lever so I put down another first layer and I held
the lever the whole time and it came out really good so then I stopped the print
that’s what the little blob is so pulling this lever fixes it but as I
pulled on it I could feel something wasn’t right something was flexing
I pulled the lever arm off and I didn’t notice it at first but then I saw this
hairline crack and when I pulled it too apart the crack opened up this is what
was causing the problem it’s flexing and preventing the idler from writing tight
against the gear a while ago I had bought one of these CH power all
aluminum extruder I never installed it on a machine so I took it out of the
package and I decided to try it on this machine
I’ve showed you a duel gear drive I showed you the easier but this is just
like a direct replacement for the Cree ality and I decided I want to just try
the arms see if just the arm would fit and work so I put the pieces together
form the arm first of bearing with a screw and then you slide in the insert
and this is the pivot that the arm you know rides again it’s like a bearing I
put the screw in and then I had to add one more screw to guide the spring so I
put that in and then I installed this on to the stock ajudar so I’m using the
same plastic base but I screwed it in with the original spring and it worked I
mean everything lined up the wheel was turning and I was getting a very good
print as you can see right here the flow is perfect so I really don’t need to
replace the whole thing but I’m gonna do that anyway I made sure power was off
and then I disconnected the extruder wire from the stepper motor then I
unscrewed the Capricorn tubing and I had already taken the filament out so that I
needed to remove the new arm which I had tested so I pulled that off and then
there’s three screws left to take the top off and away from the stepper motor
now I’m gonna put the new gear on but I compared the diameter they’re identical
so I just have to do anything with east steps so I put the new base back on just
basically Oh same three screws then I put the new gear on and adjusted it so
it’s centered to the filament then it came in a little lock washer so I
flattened that and put it underneath the arm to give it a little better pivot
then tighten the arm down against this metal base then there was a screw
there’s no tightening screw it just goes into the spring and guides it then I put
the coupling back on the last step was to reconnect the wiring to the stepper
motor and then reprinted and when I reprinted it it came out so much better
here it is with the new metal extruder this isn’t a perfect print it’s a point
two eight but it’s so much better than what I had before I can’t believe that
just a hairline crack in that arm caused this much trouble so there’s something
look for you may have a cracked arm or something similar so this is an easy
replacement ten dollars all metal I got to sign Amazon
you can probably get a little cheaper if you go to Bank good I’ll put links to
this in the description below the only thing I wish that could print the super
flexible ninja flex and this one can either which surprised me this is the
same dual Drive that’s on the CR 10s Pro I mounted this on an under three in a
previous video it works really well it’s a little bit more money at fifteen
dollars you get it from various places I’ll put links to this but this one
can’t do the super you know flexible for that I go to the easy are this is the
easier extruder from simi C&C it’s the same one that’s on there two thousand
dollar Artemis Delta printer works fantastic works for any filaments not
just ninja flex but it does ninjaflex beautifully I showed this in a previous
video it’s a lot more expensive at thirty five to forty dollars I’ll put a
link to this in the description this is my favorite extruder for any cree
allottee machine especially the under three I’m continuing to play with cura
4.4 to find out what changed it’s really really minor it seems like what’s
changed a lot of bug fixes I guess it really was to help alta maker users with
some new profiles other than that it’s really really minor so I may do a video
of this in the future I may just wait until version 4.5 but in the meantime
check out this time left see if you like it I’m not sure I like it enough to take
away that last line because a lot of times I display my file name down there
so this may lose out to that but it’s a nice feature check it out give that
plug-in a try let me know what you think and if you had a cracked extruder arm
let me know in the comments below if you liked this video maybe check out some of
the other videos that are popping up if you want to help support the channel
patreon is one way or just by through the affiliate links in the description
below it all helps a lot and if nothing else and this is free just click on the
CHEP Logo and subscribe I’ll see you next time right here at Filament Friday

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