[ENG SUB] This Animation Will Be A Big Hit | ‘Aerover’ | S1 EP10 ‘The Impossible Race!’

[ENG SUB] This Animation Will Be A Big Hit | ‘Aerover’ | S1 EP10 ‘The Impossible Race!’

The Impossible Race 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Go! Here I go! The match has finally begun. All the Aerovers are off to a quick start. No, it doesn’t look like it’s all the Aerovers. Ian’s Blade. For some reason it hasn’t budged. Could there be some technical issue? What’s going on? Bulldozer is getting out of the way. Huh? Blade hasn’t even started flying. They must be scared that they’re up against me,
the Great Charles. Eye of the storm. Freeze time. Snow storm! Is Ian using his skill right from the start? We can’t fall behind. Charles, hold your position. This little breeze can’t hold back Charles… Argh! No! Oh, no. The engine’s been damaged. After all that hype, he’s already out of the game? Shawn! You must hold your position! If you get swept away,
you’ll crash into the other aerovers! What incredible strategy by Ian! He’s eliminated many of the challengers already. Ian is known for his unpredictable moves and shocking strategies that
really put on a show. He’s entertaining the audience as usual. Okay. Don’t worry, Charles.
I’ll make it for the both of us. And Ian finally takes the lead! It just means he was confident
about his speed from the very beginning. Whoa. I have no intention of beating Blade. I just want to win a spot in the race. He’s so fast. I really want to beat Ian. And I’m going to! Am I seeing this right? Is this level of synchronization really possible? I’ve never seen
such a high synchronization graph. I knew it. I was right. He might look like a fool
but he’s no ordinary pilot. These numbers could only mean one thing… Look! It’s the narrow part of the race! Who was that just now? I’ve never seen him before. Boost on! Fastest speed! Shawn, watch out! Bulldozer’s two attacks are only warnings. No aerover has survived a third attack. I don’t plan to go up against him. Yeah, so get out of the… I’m going to use him instead. What? Use him? Frozen fist. Ice punch! This is it. It worked! Who is that pilot?
He just pulled off an unexpected move. That’s Shawn from Phoenix Team. This is his debut match. It’s surprising to see a pilot
debut in the preliminaries. But I guess he’s just that good. You… You remember me, right? I guess you really have good luck. Just watch to see if it’s luck. I’ll get ahead of you now. Ultra hawk sun… Eye of the storm. Freeze time. Snow storm! Argh, no! No way. Hey, that’s dangerous. I’m sorry. I need to stop. I did it. It looks like Ian’s ultimate skill just got stronger. Shawn’s been quickly pushed down to 12th place. Ian, you’re going to crash. Slow down. No, I’m going straight to the finish line. I will show you just how much better I am. Ian! Will he fly to the finish line at this speed? He’ll need incredible control to fly through the winding track without crashing at that speed. I’m not sure even Ian can handle it. Unbelievable. Ian did it. The winner of the preliminaries
is Ian from Hail Storm. He’s truly a champion. He did the impossible! What a coward! Are you happy about winning after
sacrificing Shawn like that? As expected, Ian came in 1st. Go team go! Go team go!
Shawn will pass the preliminaries! This is an embarrassment to the Ritzy family. You’re one to talk after being eliminated
as soon as the race began. Huh? Heh. All great people are prone to make mistakes
at least once. Shawn, please just finish in the top 12. Based on past experiences, we probably won’t have any
drastic position changes. The other pilots are flying in after Ian. The highlight will be the battle for 12th place,
as expected. Phoenix’s Shawn and Grand Slam’s Wark are battling it out. I can’t give up 12th place. Same! It’s Medina from Amazoness. Fools, the final spot belongs to me. In your dreams. It’s become a three-way battle. At this rate, I’ll be eliminated.
I need more speed. I’ll show you the power of Amazons! Charge, Big Girl! Overtake her, Giant! Oh, no. I won’t make it at this rate. Boost on! Medina is reaching the finish line. Will Amazoness take the last spot? Nice, keep it up. I can’t let you beat me like this. Go! Ultra hawk sunrise! I won’t let you overtake me.
Amazon blist! I don’t believe this. He overtook her! Phoenix Team has made it into the finals. We have a new star rookie! Shawn! Great job! Did I do it? For real? Nice! Just as I taught you! Good job, you punk. It’s just as I predicted. I knew this would be his successful debut. Great work, Shawn. Congratulations, Shawn. You were great. We can stress a little less thanks to you. This isn’t a dream, right? I really can’t believe it. Just think of it as a spoonful of your skill added to Sky Hawk’s unlimited potential. And don’t forget that it was me,
who gave you that Sky Hawk. You bet. Thank you, Coach. Thanks, everyone! Shawn, you had your debut race today. How does it feel to make it
through the preliminaries? It’s the best feeling in the world! It was such a fun race. I don’t think I’ll ever forget today’s race. A pilot full of energy! Ian, can you give Shawn some advice
or praise as the reigning champion? Why him of all people? It’s a relief that he enjoyed today’s race. But if all you do is enjoy racing,
you’ll remain in 12th place for life. You need pain and patience in order to grow. That’s some hard-hitting advice,
coming from his senior. Thank you for those words. To wrap up this interview, how about a group photo? Minus Blade,
there are two more space drones here. – Sir.
– Hmm? I have the list of pilots and the aerovers that are suspected of being space drones. The list has Chen and Angela for the Phoenix. I recall other pilots racing for them today. Yes. I think it’s because those two
don’t have any race records. It’s that pilot over there, right? Yes. He came in 12th today. But it’s a little strange. I’ve never seen him before,
but he seems very familiar. Would you like me to look into it? Hmm, yes. If we just overlook something that feels suspicious,
we may end up regretting it later on. I wonder… Will my instincts be right again? How can I take this from this punk? Hey, boy. What are you doing here by yourself,
all creepy-like? It’s none of your business. I’m sure that could be the case. I would also want to keep
a well-paying job like that a secret. When did you find out? That’s not what matters. You look like you’re having
some trouble. Yeah, boy. What are teammates for? – Want our help?
– I guess I have no choice. Bruno, Marcos. I have just the thing for you. Return of the Space Drones

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