[ENG SUB] Is This What Drone Racing Is Like? | ‘Aerover’ | S1 EP8 ‘Proclaimed Rival’

[ENG SUB] Is This What Drone Racing Is Like? | ‘Aerover’ | S1 EP8 ‘Proclaimed Rival’

Proclaimed Rival Ahhh~ Watch out, Shawn!! Are you about to turn Skyhawk into dust? Hey, is this a car race?
Why are you so close to the ground? – The coach will flip his lid if he finds out.
– Right? Why does my stomach suddenly hurt? Oh, well. (Whew~ That was a close one!) I think this is his first time street racing. Why’d he tell lan that he’d be Champion?
That totally got under his skin. Ian’s always a pain when he’s annoyed. Hmm… (Skidding on the street has left
an impact on the front left motor.) (You’re flying unevenly.) [That’s what you get
for getting distracted during a match.] (Ugh! I can’t stay level!!) Huh?? Shawn, that caused a lot of damage!!
One more crash like that (and Skyhawk won’t be able to fly anymore!) Hey, future champ. Is that all you’ve got? It’s not over yet! I’m going to catch up to you! Ultra Hawk Sunriser!! I knew I saw something in him. Shawn, you are mine. You belong to Miss Olivia!! That was all thanks to my amazing mentoring. But he still has a long way to go
until he gets to my level. – That boost was completely pointless.
– What? Street racing is all about avoiding the obstacles. Its’ not about flying at top speed. (At that speed, he’ll end up being eliminated.) (What? That’s not good!) Shawn! I taught you better than that! Humph.. (He’s almost caught up to lan.) (But Skyhawk has suffered a lot of damage.) (Oh! Now’s my chance!) (What are you doing? Pass him!) So close…
I could’ve passed him if I was a bit faster. Humph.. Huk! It’s a trick! Shawn, don’t be fooled! Its’ a trap! Got you. At this rate, the match is just going to end. I know I’ll get another chance. (Now! One more time!) (Ultra Hawk Sunriser!!!) No!!! Skyhawk is eliminated. Match over. Ian sure is amazing. And I raced against him.
I lost but I still feel great! You’re amazing! That was great! It was an honor to have raced against you. Race against me? Huh?? How dare you say that… Huh? What do you mean? You say you’ll be a champion,
but you’re all bark and no bite. Hey, thats going too far!
This was just a practice game!!! (And what if it wasn’t?) Would you have been able to beat me? Well! That’s… (Don’t ever say you’re going to be
an aerover champion again.) You disgust me… Something like you should never bring up
the word “champion!!!” Ian… You challenged him first. You’re just being rude now. (Ian!!) Becoming champion… is my dream! I don’t care what you say!
I’ll make it come true! I will challenge you again someday!! That will never happen. Shove that dream of yours in a trash can. Ian can be a bit of a downer. (There is no such thing as a happy loss…) I’m Jay, the Hailstorm engineer. Allow me to apologize on his behalf. That was pretty impressive
for your first street race. I’ll see you again. Good work. Good work? I made myself a laughing stock. I thought you said
you’d be confident even if you lost. I bet I looked like a fool…
Racing against a champion… Well, I can’t disagree with… Hey, at least we got some info
on how Blade flies. And I saw great potential in Skyhawk. It was reckless,
but you did your best, so be happy about that. Our match with the junior varsity team
will start soon. They’re not even varsity,
so let’s teach them all a lesson… I need to get some air. Oh… Alright… (How do you think the junior varsity will do?) Huh? It’ll be a close game… Ian… Look… Hmm…? We’ll wait for you inside… Ian. You are no longer my hero! (I may have lost today,
but I will defeat you and become champion!) The title of champion isn’t yours! Nice, Shawn!! Isn’t Shawn totally dreamy? Yes, Miss Olivia. As expected, Ian is a tough opponent. Anyhow… It looks like the Phoenix has got
an interesting new member on the team. What do you think, Drake? (He is ever so slightly interesting,
but I can tell by his skills that he’s a total beginner.) He’s no match for us. Chen is the only one on this team
worth looking out for… I think we’ve seen enough. Let’s go. Woohaha! Humph. Looks like someone’s happy. Here comes our star aerover pilot… I didn’t know you were watching… Of course! I would never miss watching
my champion in a match. You don’t get to see that ever day. So… tell me about that kid you were up against. Him? He’s not even a real pilot.
He’s a total beginner. Well… That’s what I thought too. But he did a pretty good job
at keeping up with you for a beginner. He just got lucky. Was it luck? It’s possible. You sound interested in him. He could never be as good as you. Be sure to let me know when the next match is. You must never keep anything from me,
no matter how small the match. And you know very well…
the reason you must do as I say. I’ll be looking forward to your next matches… Hahaha Return of the Space Drones If you’ve enjoyed our animation, please hit like and subscribe to our channel. Leave a comment and we’ll get back to you! Thank you for supporting us!

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