Dr. Seuss’ Crash Bandicoot™ The Movie: The Thievius Raccoonus (Animation by Sullivan Bluth Studios)

Dr. Seuss’ Crash Bandicoot™ The Movie: The Thievius Raccoonus (Animation by Sullivan Bluth Studios)

Captioning made possible by Disney/PBS Home Entertainment and Television Distribution Technology is the light that can cut through the darkness! When humanity conforms to a single truth, a truth based in technical progress and scientific method, we will be unstoppable! I, Dr. Otto Octavius, vow as a scientist and businessman that my duties to humankind will be fulfilled! Thank you… thank you! Nice words, Octavius, if these executives knew you the way I do. I wonder if they’d be so quick to applaud? Just keep shooting Eddie. When J. Jonah Jameson sees these photos my career is going be right back on track! Check 1, where’s your 20? Dispatch H, all is… Who dares?! Face me coward! Face a worthy foe! Damn, Crash Bandicoot! Last time I checked, I was Spiderman! Spiderman?! What are you doing? I’ve got to get into my costume and take out this imposter! But I can’t… get… free… of this crowd! I can’t get a shot. Jameson would pay any price to get this kind of dirt of Spiderman. That was Eddie Brock! Who the…?! He looked familiar, but… Whatever, stay focused! He’s… stealing… Octavius’ device! Uh-oh! He sees me! My camera!! Noooooo! ELROY!! (Smashed TV) (Gasps) Oh, no! Damn it! Elroy, you’re coming home with me right… Well, it was ruined! I missed it, you ruined my TV destroyed! Hey, what’s that cute little guy? That’s it, you ruined everything. I blew it again!! I can hear Jameson’s voice already… Now thanks to you, I am what the fucking of the breaking favorite TV and it’s all your fault! Brock, you loser! You listen to me! If I had given a real photographer that job I would finally the evidence to send Spiderman away forever. You’re through Brock. I don’t care! When I am done with you, you won’t be able to get a job taking wedding pictures in Siberia! I’ve tried to fight it… This argument is stupid! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? AH! They thought I was afraid to go in, but I knew they were scared too. Again, innocence falls prey to the evil of Spiderman!!! Rest easy, Brock. Venom is here! And if it’s the last thing we ever do, Jameson and the insect are going pay! I’m Tigger! Phase 1 complete, let us begin phase 2! Yes! It begins! (Thunder) (Screaming, Cries) (Thunder) Soon. (Thunder) (Sirens) (Screams) (Thunder) Move out! Move! Go! Oh, not the security guard! (Sirens) Go! Move! Move! Move! Coming through, please.
Stand aside. Clear the contaminated area. This is a 2319 in progress… in route to bank! Roger Eagle-One. …keep your eye out for Spiderman! Hold on! If how to week boy shows up he’s one dead bug. New York City Police Department… cease and desist at once! Lay down your arms… and prepare to… I can great! Here you go. Thank you. I’m glad you brought some food. I’m hungry. And for dessert, I’ve got a green apple and some candy. Really? You know that bag of yours must be magic. It’s always got just what we need. Hi, Neutron! Hi, guys! I couldn’t help but noticed that ring you have, son. This? I found it earlier today, you think it’s worth anything? Well, it might be, I see holds the emblem of our princess. Princess? Yes, that’s the picture over the bar. She was just a little baby when she went away, she returns a gorgeous lady. She was away? Yes, at the university, she just returned yesterday to get ready for the big wedding, she’s going to marry Asbel. Asbel? Is that a beautiful princess I ever seen? I think the weddings a big mistake; Asbel has a reputation as a Pejite yet. (Telephone Rings) Jonah, I have shots of the bank robbery! Parker, shut up and dial 911! Scorpion is here! You have to… – Kitty!
– Libby, what are you doing here? You know it’s forbidden. Do you think I care about that? I came to give you this so you won’t forget your little sister. Your Laputa.
Libby, I can’t take this. Please, keep it with you, brother, to protect you. You must take it with you.
Please, I want you to have it, so you won’t… forget. Libby, you know I could never forget you. Listen, Gargan… it’s a new millennium… lots a high-tech! There may be some way we can get you of that suit! You put me in this suit… …now I’m going to make you pay! Get over it, Gargan! You ruined my life! So now I’ll end yours! (Hawk Screeching) Are you sure you want to go inside? To front door was open, a little. So, we right in. I volunteer to take the lead. Hello? Anybody home? Nobody answer. Uh, I saw something move. We heard the fluttering sound. I don’t know what you’re trying to pull by saving my life, but it won’t work! Oh, you’re just too clever for me, bitch! There he is, officers! The man behind the science expo heist!!! Run for you lives! Run! – Ride ’em!
– J.J., you’re out of the will! I mean it this time! Hold it, Spiderman! I don’t want to believe that you pulled the heist the today, but I’ve got to make sure! DareDevil! I haven’t got the time to explain! Just tell me your side of it. I’ll know if you’re lying! How am I supposed to know you’re the real DareDevil? What?! Listen, it’s true! A Spiderman made off with Octavius new invention, but not the Spiderman, not the Spiderman, not me! Somebody’s framed me! Why? I don’t know yet, and if New York’s finest catch me, it may be too late! Well, then you better get going. NYPD is coming fast! That’s it, you believe me? I don’t have to believe you. I know you aren’t lying. But how? Let’s just say, you’ve got your super powers and I’ve got mine. I’ll spread the word about your innocence, not that it’ll help with the cops! Good bye! Since when of I had any… uh oh! (Hawk Screeching) Now you’ve got him! Surrender now and make me complete cops. – The monster!
– Come on! Go back! Please! Leave our village alone! Stop! Please! Stop! Wake up! It’s the end of the line for you kids. – Run!
– Come on! Hurry! This way! Come on, we gotta get out of here! (Bats Squeaking) Cindy, take over. Come on, boy. Impact!! We’ve a transmitter tower!!! I’m out of pursuit… I’ve gotta land this thing now!!! Hey, you going pay for that tower?! – Don’t do that!
– Sorry! One more step and it’s a load of web fluid sticking you to that wall! Well, it’s not the most romantic proposition I’ve ever had! Black Cat! I’m so glad it’s you! Good to see you to, big boy, but you’ve got a problem! Venom’s got control of the jumbotron at Times Square. He’s been ranting for hours with a message for you! Venom’s ugly face on that big screen… …now that’s scary. That’s not all. Rhino’s on a rampage over at Omnitec as well. What is this, the bad guy olympics? Look, Times Square is on the way to Omnitec. Let’s find out what Venom’s up to, then we’ll tackle Rhino. – I, uh…
– Come on, Jimmy! Now keep your hands on my hands. Ready? Come on, Bullseye! Hyah! It’s time to go home! See? Nothing to be afraid of. Well, isn’t that silly? Me. Slap T. Pooch, cartoon character in a cartoon Retroville News reporting live from Team Bandicoot. Listen to this! Retroville is in shock today, as the police and emergency services deal with the aftermath, of a devastating attack on a police convoy this morning. As yet, no details have been released about the prisoners being transferred in the convoy, and no proof has claimed responsibility. A convoy left police headquarters early this morning, for a routine transfer of felons, to the Cagliostro. The attack took place on the Cagliostro, leaving few witnesses, and the bridge itself, severely damaged. Some of the convicts are thought to have perished, in the explosion that followed the initial attack. Revelations as to the professionalism of the attack, struck police hours afterward, when identification of the missing felons were further hampered by an attack, by computer graphics on Tolmekians databases. With the Porter tunnel-project falling behind schedule, this disaster leaves Portland isolated from the rest of the city. Kid, this is the third time this year you’ve been sent to the rescue me. We need to find a better outlet. A more… constructive outlet. Maybe I could, if you’d let me go out for sports. Kid, you know why we can’t do that. I promise I’ll slow up. I’ll only be the best by a tiny bit. James Isaac Neutron, you are an incredibly competitive princess. And a bit of a prince. The last thing you need is presentation. You always say, “Do your best.” But you don’t really mean it. Why can’t I do the best that I can do? Right now, honey, the world just wants us to fit in, and to fit in, we just gotta be like everybody else. Dad always said our powers were nothing to be ashamed of. – Our powers made us special.
– Everyone’s special, Bullseye. Which is another way of saying no one is. That’s no bad? The Venom-Marathon continues on the biggest TV in New York! We’re shouting out to the whole big rotten apple here, folks! The same thing is, he’ll probably get his own talk show after this! So we’ve got this beautiful redhead. You know her… she’s one of those famous supermodels! We have decided that this poor little lassie has 24 hours to live! 24 HOURS!!! Oh, by the way her name is Mary Jane Parker. No! Mary Jane!!! So just in case someone, I don’t know who it could be, if any of you tight waring freaks out there wanna save little miss fashion model, then bring it on!!! Meanwhile New Yorkers, the Venom-Marathon will continue. Listen, you realize what this means. Forget about helping me at Omnitec, I can handle Rhino! Rhino, by yourself?! Thank you, but no thanks! Look, being Spiderman has given me a lot and taken a lot away. But one thing never changes. My responsibility to use my powers for others before myself, no matter what the cost. There and innocent people at Omnitec and they need our help right now. I won’t let them down. Then I’ll stop Venom… and this time, it’s for the last time. Let’s go! We’re too late! That makes 2 major technology heists in 2 days! That leaves 1 question… where’s Rhino? CAT! Well, if it ain’t bug-boy! Uh-oh! Ah! He’s a real gator! Go it! – What do you think you’re doing, bitch?
– Stay your hand. The girl’s life is now mine. I’m sure she’ll make
a lovely wife for you. There’s a monster inside of you.
It’s inside both of you. -What?
-Uh-oh! OK, everybody, listen up.
This is what hatred looks like. This is what it does
when it catches hold of you. It’s eating me alive,
and very soon now it will kill me! I made a brain blast of everlasting love! I’m getting a little bored of
this curse of yours, Jimmy Neutron. Let me just cut
the damn thing off. (Screams) (Splash) Uh-oh… spider sense tingling! The boys in blue again! I’d better hide! Best seat in the house! Octavius! What’s he doing here? Please, stand back officers, allow me! Doc Ock helping the police?! Maybe he is reformed. Ock’s taken care of Rhino, I need to find out what happened to Black Cat! This is a job for Peter Parker, not Spiderman! Oh, Derryberries! Hi, I’m Jimmy Neutron! You’ve got to help me! They’re not really paramedics!!! Perfect, perfect. Whatever it is, there it goes again. (Wolf Howl) (Luxo Jr. Squeaking) (Knocking) (Gasps) James Isaac Neutron, get your down here with this… What are those? I collected the animation and illustrator greet them down here myself. It’s okay. The brain wouldn’t be dangerous. I have a brain blast of everlasting love! But it’s true! You’ve gotta be there in somewhere. He looked like he needed some, the poor lamp thingy. I irrigated this chamber using water drawn from underground by the castle ocean. I used soil drawn from there as well. I found that with clean water and soil. The plants from the brain blast of everlasting love. All the everlasting brain. Even the topsoil in our Greystone Apartments is polluted. I don’t understand who could’ve polluted the entire brain. That’s all there is to it. Looks like you’re in a lot of trouble. He’s such a baby! Great! Then I supposed to brain blast of everlasting love? Knowing your luck, Venom will find you. But, she’ll be able to come home real soon! Would you shut up? All right, then, be that way! Let’s see if she dies! SHUT UP! Shut up, po-po! Oh, I give up. You’re so stupid! I can go by myself, thank you. (Yawns) (Luxo Jr. Squeaking) What a distributing dream? You’ve got to find her! You’ve got no choice! Waa, waa, waa, whatta, wuss!!! Hey, wanna wait? Parker hates it when I get the drop on him! Ugh! I hate it when he gets the drop on me! This is my favorite part of the day! Why Venom?! Why did you come back?! You should know, Spiderman! The heist you pulled at the science expo! You’re the bad guy this time! JUST SHUT UP! Listen to me, bitch! Speaking of technology! I was with you in the crowd. An imposter Spiderman was on stage! He burned both of us! And now we’ve been played against each other. -Neutron!
-You’re right, Parker! My baby! Gotcha, you and your wife are innocent, Parker, our bad! Our bad? Our BAD? I’M GOING KILL YOU! PETER PARKER, JUST GET ME OUT OF HERE NOW! Bummer, you’re in the dog house now, dude. Coming, honey. So, we’re parents but only for now. After we bust those tech-thieves, it’s payback time for kidnapping my wife! Jeez, one little mistake… we said we’re sorry! Whatever. Now, the imposter was a shapeshifter, so that means it was either Mysterio or the chameleon! Hey, Chameleon, was our idea!! We thought of that!!! Think of this Einstein. Who could’ve wanted to steal Octavius’ technology? We know, we know. Who? -The Submariner?
-Submariner? Get serious will ya. -The Mighty Thor?
-Are you out of your mind? Don’t answer that. Galactus. Forget it, Eddie! I need Jameson’s help on this. We’re going to the bugle! To Jameson?!! We hate Jameson!! You bonehead, we’re not going to see Jameson, we’re going to use his computer database. Are we going surf the web? Let’s just go home, okay?! Here it is, the records room! Surf the web!!! Surf the web!!! Shut up, Brock! We don’t have time. …Parker!! …Wait!! Could it be?! Could what? Yes… we sense our other! Who, sense who? It’s our other, the symbiote known as Carnage!! We must stop him!! Now? Yes now, we have no choice. Great-make more noise!!! I’m only breaking and entering here!! Spider sense tingling, now what? Spidey, whoever’s behind all this, symbiotes. I’ve gotta say, you look just like me except you’re more angry back alley than friendly neighborhood!! For decades I’ve wanted to shut the fuck up of yours… …Finally, that time is upon me! At last, I will crush you once and for all!!! Now, little spider, you will die!!! Hey! Are you supposed to do my friends? Right now, you’re thinking, if only you’d taken that giant act to Vegas instead. Curse your endless babble, Spiderman! Speaking of babble, let’s hear it! Who’s behind all this?! I’ll never tell you! Mysterio may be defeated, but the symbiote invasion cannot be stopped. Symbiote invasion, there are more of them? You fool! There will be more than you cane imagine. That fog which blankets the city is preparing everyone in New York for symbiosis. You’re the fool, Mysterio. Where?! Where are they coming from?! Go then, on the waterfront, warehouse 65, the secret passage. If only I could watch them destroy you! Whoever your boss is, he’s off his rocker! No one can control symbiotes. Correction, no before now. That’s it! Spare me the propaganda. Okay, this isn’t a game, Mysterio. The symbiotes will destroy everything in their path unless I can stop them. N. Gin? Oh, who are invited are birthday, are they not? Well, yes. I mean… Well… Open the fucking door, N. Gin! How could it possibly be? I checked my list… This the milkman… it must be the camera. I’m here Frank, what’s up? Spiderman’s here, Microchip… What range? 100 yards maybe. Easy shot! Very funny, Frank. Huh? He spotted me, but how could he?! I’ve lost him! Buddy? He took out my scope! Hey, tough guy! Sorry about that expensive lens, Punisher! Something tells me we have the same objective here. That’s the place, warehouse 65. We can team up, you cover my back! No thanks, Mister Death Wish. I’d like to keep the body count low, if you don’t mind! Fair enough. Punisher’s guns can’t solve problem. Gotta play this one my way! (Owl Hooting) He’s out! (Door Unlocking) What d’you think, Jimmy? (Luxo Jr. Squeaking) Jimmy, we’re going to get your home. So you can warn the people of Dr. Cortex. There may still be enough time if you take your home. It’s ready and waiting for you. Asbel told me everything that has happened. I’m going to be taking your place, Neutron. -Put the clothes on.
-But who are you? I’m Sheen and Libby. You’re their mother. Please, forgive us. What our people did was horribly wrong? -It’s even user-friendly?
-Stay with me. Oh, no! Kitty! Listen, whoever you are! No one can control the symbiotes! No one! Hey, Kitty: enough is enough already! I need not control the symbiotes, Spiderman. Dock Ock!!! We will work as one. It’s a new world. Humanity needs the skills that my technology will get them, symbiosis is the only way. I should’ve known a reformed Doc Ock was too good to be true. A perfect world order. Those who can not share my vision will be crushed by it! Speaking of crushed, it’s show time freaks! I smell bad symbiote and it ain’t me. BRING IT ON, DADDY!!! Enough! C’mon, shut up! Let’s have the old Kitty back! Alone at last! Let us end this Spiderman! Daddy! No! No! Please! Daddy, stop! Daddy, stop! Daddy, no! Let’s forget the ball. Yeah! Let’s get out this place! The end, this plan. 1 down, 1 to go! Wonder how Venom’s doing? Eddie, are you alright? Talk to me! Wake up, Brock. Look out Parker, behind you. What’d you say? No! Whoa! Oh! (Grunts) Uh-oh! You are a born loser, Cletus Cassidy! Like I told Mysterio… No one can control the symbiotes, no one I’ve met anyway! Take a breather Spidey, it’s over! Well, just another day in the life. Woah! What the? What’s going on? Oh, no! Crash, watch out! (Hawk Screeching) Princess, no! Uh-oh! The valley’s in danger. Brian blast! -Hyah!
-Okay, whoa, here we go! Oh no! Ock!! After all that, it was the symbiote that saved Ock! You’ve gotta be kidding me! A perfect end to a perfect day! Huh, what the? Let’s go home! Whee! Ha-ha! Waaahoo! It’s a good thing Black Cat gave me a call, son! It looks like just in time! Check it, guys, can you get us princess Coco’s autograph? Good grief. Amazing. The horse and that crazy
little Princess helped save us all. Jimmy Neutron. Can someone find him?
I need to thank him. We’re going to start all over again.
This time we’ll build a better home. Well, I give up.
You can’t win against home. Ha-ha-ha! KIDS: Ha-ha-ha! (Luxo Jr. Squeaking) I should introduce myself first. I’m Asbel from the land of Pejite. I’d like to thank you for saving me. (Libby Giggling) At the edge of each teeth You’ll always find teeth Beautiful, glorious Florious teeth When I meander On dream wish come true I frequently find myself Thinking of teeth Teeth, teeth Did you say Tooth Book? T OO T H Book, Tooth Book T OO T H Book, Tooth Book Who has teeth? Well… it might be and we found it. We found that red-headed uncles do. Policemen do. And zebras too. And unicycle riders do. And camels and their drivers do! Even little girls named Ruthie all have teeth. All Ruths are toothy. Teeth! We found it everywhere! On mountaintops! And in the air! And if you care to poke around, you’ll even found it underground. We found it east, west, north, of south. We found it in a lion’s mouth. (Roars) TEETH! They are very much in style. They must be very much worthwhile! They come in handy when you chew. Says Mr. Donald Driscoll Drew. That’s why my family grew a few. They come in handy when you smile. Says Smiling Sam the crocodile. They come in handy in your job. Says high trapezer Mike McCobb. If I should ever lose a tooth, I’d lose my wife. And that’s the truth. Teeth come in handy when you speak. Says news broadcaster Quincy Queek. Without my teeth I’d talk like ducks, and only broadcast quacks and klucks. You’re lucky that you have your teeth. Says a sad, sad snail named Simon Sneeth. I don’t have one! I can never smile like Smiling Sam the crocodile. Clams have no teeth. Says Pam the clam. I cannot eat hot dogs and ham. No teeth at all. Says Pam the clam. I cannot eat roast leg of lamb. Or peanuts! Pizzas! Popcorn! SPAM! Not even huckleberry jam! Without teeth we can’t play trombones. Says a jellyfish named Jimbo Jones. I have no teeth. Says Hilda Hen. But women do. And so do men. So I happy news for you. You will grow two sets! Set one. Set two. You will lose set number one. And when you do, it’s not much fun. But then you’ll grow set number two. 32 teeth, and all brand new. 16 downstairs, and 16 more upstairs on the upper floor. And when you get your second set, THAT’S ALL THE TEETH YOU’LL EVER GET! SO… don’t chew down trees like beavers do. If you try, you’ll lose set number two! And… don’t be dumb like Mr. Glotz. Don’t break your teeth untying knots! (Meows) And don’t be dumb like Katy Klopps. Don’t try to chew off bottle tops! (Meows) Don’t gobble junk like Billy Billings. They say his teeth have fifty fillings! They sure are handy when you smile. So keep your teeth once in a while. And never bite your dentist when he works inside your head. Your dentist is your teeth’s best friend. Bite somewhere else instead! Beyond the last island The very last island Beyond the last multiply by 10 Beyond the last Tennessee The very last Tennessee There is a vaculess vacant prairie The Prairie of Prax And the 10 Apples Up On Top! 1 apple up on top! 2 apples up on top! (Gasps) Look, you. I can do it, too. Look! See! I can do 3! 3… 3… I see. I see. You can do 3 but I can do more. You have 3 but I have 4. Look! See, now. I can hop with 4 apples up on top. And I can hop up on a tree with 4 apples up on me. Look here, you two. See here, you two. I can get 5 on top. Can you? No? But… I am so good I will not stop. 5! Now 6! Now 7 on top! 7 apples up on top? I am so good they will not drop. 5, 6, 7! Fun, fun, fun! 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! But, see! We are as good as you. Look! Now we have 7, too! And now, see here. 8! 8 on top! 8 apples up! Not one will drop. 8! 8! And we can skate. Look now! We can skate with 8! But I can do 9. And hop! And drink! You can not do this. I think. We can! We can! We can do it, too! See here. We are as good as you! We all are very good, I think. With 9, we all can hop and drink. 9 is very good. But then… Come on and we will make it 10! Look! 10 apples up on top! We are not going to let them drop! Look out! Look out! I see a mop. I will make the apples fall. Get out. Get out. You! One and all! Come on! Come on! Come down this hall. We must not let our apples fall. Out of our way! We can not stop. We can not let our apples drop. This is not good. What will we do? They want to get our apples, too! (Hawk Screeching) They will get them if we let them. Come! We can not let them get them. (Hawk Screeching) Look out! The mop! The mop! The mop! You can not stop our apple fun. Our apples will not drop. Not one! Come on! Come on! Come one! Come all! We have to make the apples fall. They must not get our apples down. This way! Follow me! Get out of town! Apples! Apples up on top? All of this must stop, STOP, STOP! Now all our fun is going to stop! Our apples all are going to crash. Look! 10 apples on us all! What fun! We will not let them fall.

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  1. Computer Animation: Bill Kroyer, Tina Price, Andrew H. Schmidt, Mike Cedeno, Mark Swanson, Don Pierce, Kerri Swanson, Jerry Rees, Mario Kamberg, Bill Proctor, Brad Hunt, Michael Limber, Brad deGraf, Michael Wahrman, Dennis Muren, A.S.C., Eben Ostby, Bill Reeves

    Computer Animation Software Engineers: Mary Jane Turner, Brian Jennings, Tad Gielow, Allen Battino, Gregor Ercolano, Larry Malone

    Computer Animation Assistants: Liza Keith, Dale Herigstad, Ladd McPartland, Ken Brain, Trey Stokes, Loren Carpenter

    CG Production System Development: Dave Inglish, Mark R. Kimball, Mario Kamberg, Art Durinski, Marty Prager, Wes Takahashi

    Computer Production Coordinator: Kerri Swanson, Jim Hillin, Craig Newman

    ChapReyes/Miracle Tilt: Tony Apodaca, Sally A. Syberg, H. B. Siegal, Michelle Porter, Ken Cope, Adrian Iler

    Computer Animation Rendering: Pixar; Rob Cook, Sam Leffler, David Salesin

    Modeling and motion software used computer generated imagery: Kroyer Films, deGraf/Wahrman, Rhythm & Hues, Industrial Light & Magic, Pixar Animation Studios, Angel Studios, Wavefront Technologies, Silicon Graphics, Symbolics Graphics Division, Softimage Creative Environment, Apple Macintosh, Cinetron Computer Systems

    Camera Computer: Alias Research, CSRG, UC Berkeley

  2. The CGI in this film is done by Kroyer Films, deGraf/Wahrman, Rhythm & Hues, Industrial Light & Magic, Pixar Animation Studios, Angel Studios (who later became Rockstar San Diego).

  3. Arguably the greatest action sequence in anime history. And it's fascinating to see all the riffs – one shot quotes Coco Bandicoot the Police Officer, while two other shots were later quoted in Jimmy Neutron and Sherman Peabody. Sullivan Bluth Studios, Rich Animation Studios and crew, of course, worked with Miyazaki at Studio Ghibli and would do so again at Pixar Animation Studios years later. I would LOVE to see a 70mm print of this. Thanks!

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