Create Animated Titles with Procreate and iPad Pro

Create Animated Titles with Procreate and iPad Pro

– Hey guys, my name’s Tom. I wanted to share with you
today a really quick thing I discovered this week
that solved a problem I’ve been having for a long time. For quite a while, I’ve been
wanting to find a way to make hand-drawn animated titles
for videos and stuff. Just so that my titles and graphics could be a little more unique to me and not just look like
what everybody else has. But, when you’re dealing with
anything to do with animation, quick is usually never
part of the picture, because animation takes
so long to do anything. So just this week, I
stumbled across a method for creating very quick
titles, even other graphics. It’s a super simple method
and the only special equipment you need is an iPad with Procreate on it. I’ve been using an iPad
Pro with the Apple Pencil, because I really like
the way it feels to draw with the Apple Pencil, but you could use a traditional stylus, you
could use your finger to draw, it doesn’t really matter. If you’ve never used Procreate before, it’s only a couple of
dollars on the app store, it’s totally worth it. It’s a very full-featured app, and it lets you create
different documents, it almost works like
Photoshop does in a way. Has layers and things like
that, it’s not quite as advanced as like Photoshop on a desktop would be, but it’s really really good
and it lets you just draw and create all kinds of
artwork with unlimited layers and brushes and things like that. Really cool feature though, and this is why I recommend
using Procreate specifically, is that when you draw something, Procreate tracks every single brushstroke and every single line that you make, even if you work on it over the course of many days or weeks. When you’re finished, you can actually play back a video of your
artwork being created. I realized this almost by accident, I was drawing some lettering one day and then I hit the Export
Video, and it did it real quick and it looked like the
letters drew themselves and filled themselves in and I thought, “Oh, this is really cool. I
could use this for titles.” So I’ll walk you through the
whole method really quick, but you’re essentially
creating a green screen video that you’re gonna use
in your video project. And this should work
on any editing software that lets you key out a
color, like a green screen. I’m using Final Cut Pro, but
you could do the same thing in Premiere, you could probably
even pull it off in iMovie or any number of other programs. With Procreate, you can
create your own size, or you can select from pre-built sizes. I like it because there’s
already a 4K resolution, which makes things very, very easy. Once you’ve created your new piece, the background’s gonna be white. You can fill it with whatever
color you want to key out. Green is the most typical. Whatever color you choose
for the background, make sure it’s a bright, crisp color that’s not going to be
anywhere in your artwork. From there, you can just
start drawing your titles. It doesn’t really matter
how you position them within the canvas, because
you can resize them and reposition them once you get them into Final Cut, or
whatever editor you use. All you need to concentrate on is drawing whatever you want to draw. When it comes to lettering,
I outline the shape of the letters, and then I
go back and fill them in. It’s entirely up to you how
neat you want to be with this. I like to try to be very
neat with the outside lines, but then when I go back and fill them in, I’m usually a little bit
messier because I like that hand-drawn look and it helps me to get things done more quickly, but you can obviously take
as much time as you want and be as detailed and clean and polished and perfect
as you want it to be. Once you’re finished
with things in Procreate, then all you have to do is
click on the little wrench and you can Export the video. It’s going to give you some options on how you want to share it. Usually I just air drop it to my MacBook, but you can send it to
yourself in an e-mail, you can even send it as a text message, these movie files are very very small, even at the 4K resolution. And then you’re ready to put
it into your editing software. Once you have your Procreate
graphic in Final Cut Pro, or whatever editing software you use, the next steps are pretty simple, you just need to key out the green, just like you would anything else. If you film somebody in
front of a green screen, all you need to do is keep your
image with the green on it, on top of whatever you
want it to appear over. In this case, I’m just using a random clip from yesterday of my dog, but you can do any image, you could do, if you did it over nothing,
it would just be over black. If you’ve never done keying before, it’s very easy in Final
Cut, you just go over to the Effects Menu, select Keying
and all you have to do is add a Keyer layer on top of your green. Final Cut’s already pre-determined as our most Keyers to take away green, if you want to use
green in your lettering, and you needed to use a different
color for the background, you could just click
Sample Color and select the actual background color
that you were gonna use. But that’s about it, and this
looks pretty clean already. Right now they’re just
over a black background. What you’ll notice though, is with Procreate, the finished version, it starts with the completed title, and then it wipes it
out, and then it shows the title being created, and
when it gets completed again, it ends right away, so it’s only like one frame of the completed title. So this means you need
to do a couple of things, first is put your playhead
directly over the last frame, where your title is totally complete. And then just click the
Retime tool and add in a hold, which is basically like
adding in a freeze-frame. In older versions of Final Cut, you used to just insert a freeze-frame, similar for like, Premiere
and other programs. And then you can adjust how long you want it to hold at the end. So once your titles are
done, once it’s finished, you can adjust how long
you want it to stop. The other thing you want to adjust is how long it takes
to draw out the title. Obviously you’re gonna wanna
cut out this whole thing that Procreate adds in where
it like, wipes away the title, and you’re probably gonna wanna start right when the title starts,
so you can just clip that out. But especially if you have longer titles, this might take a little too long. That’s almost distractingly long, so you can just shorten
that down however you want. Personally, I like to have it very fast. There ya go. And that’s a good title right there, and then you can decide if
you want that over black, and then you can reposition it,
you know, wherever you want. The next step here,
especially in Final Cut Pro, is to then resize and
reposition your title. So that just involves going
down to the Crop tool, selecting Transform,
and then it’s up to you if you want your title to be, if you’re doing something smaller that’s just gonna be off in the side, maybe like a branding thing
or a lower-third graphic, you could put it there. If you wanna make it giant,
and cover the whole screen, you could do that. And that’s it, and then it will play through and cover it up. If you wanted to get really advanced, and you feel fairly
comfortable with Final Cut Pro, you could then add in key
frames and have the title itself move in or out or reposition
or scale-up or scale-down, I’m just keeping things
very simple because when I tend to use this trick, for the most part, it’s very, very quick. At least lately. You could be as detailed and as in-depth as you want with it. And that’s essentially it, that’s how you make
your titles right there. Couple cool things, I personally prefer white
titles for the most part, so that’s what I like to use
if I’m just making a title. But, if you created
your titles in Procreate and they’re one color,
and when you get them into your project, you decide
that you don’t want that color anymore or you wanna
change it, you totally can. In Final Cut, the way you would do that is just add a color layer
on top of your titles, and then you can go in
over to the Color Board and you can adjust the
color and the saturation, so you’d probably really
wanna saturate these guys up. And play with the color, ’til it gets. I really like blues, they
look kind of like that. So then you can have in different colors. So you really do have a lot of freedom. Procreate just provides
you the basic animation, but you still have a lot of
time after you created it where you can go through and adjust it. So you’re not married to
whatever you have in Procreate. You don’t have to go back and recreate things if
it didn’t work right. You could obviously
also use this for things other than just titles, you
could do all kinds of different graphics and animations, and that’s pretty much all there is to it. When I said that this
was quick and simple, it really is quick and easy, which is why I felt so compelled to
share it, because for me, I’ve been wanting to incorporate this kind of style into my
work for a long time, but I didn’t want to deal
with the work that comes with animating it, especially
if you’re doing a project that needs lots of titles, or lower-third graphics
or something like that. It doesn’t really add too
much to your workflow, and all you need is an
iPad with Procreate on it. Hopefully that gives you enough
information to get started, if there’s anything I left out or any other questions you have, please feel free to ask and
I’ll do my best to answer them. So, thanks so much, good luck!

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57 Replies to “Create Animated Titles with Procreate and iPad Pro”

  1. I love Procreate. It’s a really handy tool, even if you’re partial to Autodesk Sketchbook – the fact that Procreate keeps track of all your brushstrokes for the sake of undo and video export makes it so helpful for content creators, specifically artists and YouTubers (especially YouTube artists)!

    Unfortunately, the layers aren’t unlimited. The program limits the number of layers depending on the size of the image to prevent the app from crashing. It’s still pretty badass, though.

  2. Deleted last comment because it didn't convey my absolute appreciation for this video. I'd been searching for a video on this for months, trying so hard not to scratch my eyes out, in order to get off on the right footing for my videos. I obviously wasn't looking for the right keywords, tags, what-have-you, because it wasn't until tonight that I stumbled across a few and knew that I would find what I needed. Last video I watched happened to have spoken on Procreate and I immediately downloaded it, but it was your video that I really needed.

    So. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart for this. You're a gem!

  3. Thanks for this! Additional idea: currently you can't have a hidden 'guide' or 'trace' layer in ProCreate (they are considering adding this feature) — In the meantime, if you want to say hand-draw an existing font, or trace a vector drawing, etc, you can make the text/drawing first in a slightly darker shade of green. It still chroma-keys out perfectly! I've been making complex titles this way.. I build it in Illustrator, (green on green background) then import the image into Procreate as a background layer and trace over it. It really helps with not making mistakes. Keeping text straight and so on.

  4. Hey you’re left handed! Me too!
    A word of advice that took me way too longto figure out, in the settings under prefs you can change to right hand interface so that the size and opacity slider will be on the right side and you won’t hit it with your palm.
    Also if you go into your brush settings and turn the streamline up a bit it will help make clean lines in the beginning instead of cleaning them afterward. Like when you first started the R in rad it was a shaky line.
    Thank you for the video! Very helpful to see how this works in final cut

  5. Great video! Seems like it would work for all drawn animation. Can you use a screen shot layer behind the drawing as a guide?

  6. Thanks so much Tom, I’m about to get procreate and try your brilliant idea. I have been wanting to make some more imaginative titles for my productions for ages. Fantastic!

  7. Hello again Tom, I’ve been battling away with the app & trying to get it into my Windows computer… I did manage to import it although I’m not quite sure how, (into Adobe CS6) but the main problem I have is that the animation isn’t smooth, following my brush strokes (it’s only text) but just appears in chunks rather than writing. Can you advise?Very best, Joe

  8. Thanks for the quick reply Tom, no, it plays in Procreate at breakneck speed, before I export it to Premiere – it’s as if it’s time-lapse but set to record every word rather than every letter if you see what I mean – as if the interval is too long between frames. V bestJoe

  9. Awesome video! I’m getting an iPad Pro and going to use Luma Fusion to edit videos. I’m needing something better than iMovie on my phone. Any thoughts?

  10. Awesome!! 2 weeks ago at the apple store playing on procreate for the first time I discovered the screen record & thought "omg this is a great way to do basic animation for my digital work!" Low & behold! – this video of yours proves it can be done! I just now need to download imovie on my new ipad pro! 😍

  11. You could also use a wiggle effect, i find it works well with Han animation. Also duplicate the layer to add some variation.

  12. Should have mentioned at the start you need to press screen record before starting and again when you have finished be fore exporting

  13. This is so freaking clever. I’m excited to try it in filmora. I adore when people have hand-written titles, it’s like half the reason why I bought an iPad, because I heard there was a way to do it. Thank you for the great and succinct video.

  14. Hey this is something ill implement! Thanks for sharing mate. I use my photos for thumbnails, and just typed text. Doesnt compliment my photos i reckon. Gonna give this a go instead 🙂

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