CGI **Award-Winning** 3D Animated Short: “Khaya” – by The Animation School

CGI **Award-Winning** 3D Animated Short: “Khaya” – by The Animation School

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100 Replies to “CGI **Award-Winning** 3D Animated Short: “Khaya” – by The Animation School”

  1. amazing story but I noticed one error. the ribbon in the shelf changes color from red to blue back and forth through out the film.

  2. okay, so, that train might represent the industrial side of our society, each wagons having its task. Faceless people high ranked people, who make others work to feed the train.

    She went against all of that, and that let her follow her dreams.

    Thing is, she still drop all wagons off the tracks, would that mean she killed the society by doing so?

  3. You can't let the others bring you down or decide your life. That's why she separated from them who were trying to force her to do something she didn't want. The bird meant freedom to follow her dream. My guess.

  4. The great thing about stories like this is that you can interpret it however you like and you get to use your imagination to decide what happens next.

  5. Free.

    "What do I want to be", the resolution of what she wrote was "I want to be free".
    At least that's how I interpret it.

  6. She dropped everyone to certain death because she didn't want to work? I guess it's honest about the result of following your dreams no matter what it costs those around you.

  7. Excellent use of visual metaphor for dumping cultural baggage to obtain happiness by being what you really want to be. Taking control of the path of your life, rather than following the railroad tracks laid down by society. I hate being railroaded myself.

  8. Be who you want to be, and ask yourself about it. Life is one amazing ride, just trust in your heart and take it!

  9. I thought the animation was very well done, but the subject bored me to tears and it was entirely too long for the sparse amount of story . The theme and conflict result was telegraphed from the beginning, so I only kept watching for the animation. Even then, there was a point where I just about gave up on it.

  10. I like the freedom interpretation a lot, but idk how she would write about that for a whole paper lol. Another interpretation could be that she wants to be her own boss? She doesn't want some greedy faceless blob breathing down her neck as she works, or judgemental bosses who will never be happy with her work like with the first compartment.

  11. The meaning of this story is that the girl doesn't want to be controlled by her father anymore who seems to be a wealthy man(he has never understood her feelings and wants her to be like him in a near future). She doesn't want his money and wants to do things by herself which why she dropped all the wagons that belonged to her father!

  12. Socrates (Greek philosopher 470-399bc) had said: Ἓν οἶδα ὅτι ουδὲν οἶδα THE ONLY THING I KNOW IS THAT I KNOW NOTHING.

  13. for me we are all free to get success… Success is in our hand its up to u how u handle with it. dream high and believe in Yourself that u can do it. nothing Possible

  14. She did train accident send her to jail 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Just kidding
    Was very beautiful story
    She wanted to free but
    She was taught to earn money
    And money will be finished anyhow any reason cos she had earned lot of money now she was satisfied with the money but not with himself she want to explore himself like 🐦 like how teenager dream of freedom and they think like now they are big kid and do anything what they want but after they realize they are dumb
    Its good that the girl wants to upgrade herself but she need freedom but the fact is she need from her self only she has no fix aim for life but one day she will rock she dreams like that and at last hi write her feelings what exactly suits to her brain at the moment after dreaming lot and lot💐

  15. Our class believes this means: It's about the social expectations of her dad are weighing her down (the faceless people representing her dad) – when she disconnected that was her following and taking control of the train – that was her taking control of her life – the bird was her dreams – as soon as the train let go she shot up into the clouds, able to live her dreams!

  16. I take it to mean 'the sky is the limit'. She can be whatever she puts her mind to as long as she doesn't let herself get distracted.


  18. I missed the point … didn't get it … couldn't follow the reasoning behind the storyline as depicted. Was it me or was it the creative team's direction? Award winning, I can't tell.

  19. So, anyone else notice that she let the train car full of mannequins, including one who seemed to most likely represent her own father, fall to their deaths when she disconnected the engine? I'm not sure if this intentionally had the message, "be free at the expense of others in your life", but it seems as if that's a pretty possible interpretation. I dunno, is there a more positive spin that could be put on that detail?

  20. very nicely done, animation/story team. Kept me watching to the end – I think she is still deciding her path in life, but feeling free to design her own way. Spot on!

  21. Looked to Me like She wanted to fly. Following the bird. The train,. like a plane,. taxiing down the runway. She pulls back,. on the controls,. for liftoff. Then,. She is soaring into the air,. as a pilot.

  22. I've had train dreams all my life. In my dreams the train always survives. The apocalypse, the war, the salvation, the new world. I've had dreams about all sorts of trains.

    Wonder where my train is heading off too.

  23. Award winning? Definitely not for the graphics, it looks like a cheap indian cartoon.. Not that I would be able to do better, it's just that I didn't like it.

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