Big Red – Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures

Big Red – Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures

Burnie: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done in a restaurant? Or like a Starbucks or something? Gus: Oof Miles: umm, it wasn’t weird it was just really fucking dumb.I had been working at a backpacking camp for about a month? And um Burnie: You sound super depressed about this story by the way…
Gus: I’m getting worried Miles: Well no! It’s like, no it was just like…
Kerry: It’s just like he stabbed a guy. Kerry: He can only afford a messenger bag, so he like really fucked some shit up. Miles: I, uh …
Burnie: Starter Back Packing Camp Kerry Miles: I, uh, you know you just drink out of a canteen, and there you go you are good. And I did that for a month, I drank everything like that and then my parents, uh, to celebrate we went to Alamo Cafe, and, um, I remember I was excited to have a soda, I ordered a Big Red which is very popular in Texas.
Burnie: Very sugary Miles: VERY sugary
Gus: SO good
Miles: Super red Miles: and the waitress dropped it off put a straw in it and I put my lips on the straw and I went [slurp] And I, I just poured big red all over myself
Burnie: (What’s wrong with you?) Miles: I WAS I HAD BEEN IN THE WILDERNESS FOR A MONTH… I forgo- I HAD CHANGED I was no longer part of society Burnie Gus: Do you remember that happened to Tom Hanks in Castaway. Like when they bring him back and he pours Big Red all over himself Kerry: He’s like “Awe beans” Miles: Yeah I cried during that scene. Miles: No, it was stupid it made no, I just my muscle memory just as I was drinking from the straw I just poured of fucking like Texas gallon of big red all over myself and the Fucking waitress has the nerve to come back and go “did someone have a little accident?” I was like “I’M SIXTEEN AND I’LL REMEMBER THIS FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE” Gus: You can say you’re 16 as a defense, but you literally just poured an entire glass of Big Red all over you Miles: It was like, it was like half of it
Kerry: Woow… it was like your… Miles:I was like “Ahh! Cold! On my nipples!” Nooooooo. Burnie: That must have been so fucking sticky
Kerry: It was like a (???) Miles: it was so bad Gus: So regardless of whether you like big red or not I want you to watch those videos that are down below like and subscribe to our Channel, and really you should like Big Red It’s one of the greatest drinks ever made. Summer’s coming up get a frosty big red and watch some more Rooster Teeth Content Do it do it

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100 Replies to “Big Red – Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures”

  1. AS a non-texan who visited texas and HAD a Big Red:
    I found that it tasted better when combined with a Diet Coke/Pepsi

  2. How have so many of these people not known about Big Red? I've practically known about it for as long as I've known about soda.

  3. I’m going to Texas in a few days, and I need to try Big Red. Thank you, Rooster Teeth, for informing me on this beverage.

    Edit: Just got back to Jersey from Texas. I had two big red sodas in my carry on bag, and TSA told me to throw them out. One of the most disappointing experiences of my life. I did have a bottle while in Texas, though. One of my favorite sodas.

  4. I went to Austin in January and I cannot believe we don't have more Big Red and ginger beer up here in Canada. They're such great drinks.

  5. Just another reason never to go to Texas: Big Red is a popular drink.
    More proof that state is full of sociopaths.

  6. Big Red is great, but if you spill it, that spot on the carpet is just red forever to a degree that, in my experience, no other red soda can reach. Also, you can feel the minutes being taken off your life while you drink it.

  7. 0:58 "I was no longer a part of society, Burnie!"

    What Miles fails to realize is that he's STILL not a functional part of society.

  8. Gus, i would get a big red, but, i live in the pacific, i dont think the department of defense has big red, anywhere, we have Gatorade, vitamin C drinks, and purified water, eh, guess i have one more thing to look forwards to for the summer

  9. During Marine Corps training forgot I had a first name. I saw it next to my last name and literally asked someone else what it was

  10. I did the same thing with a Pepsi but I didn't have the excuse of drinking out of a canteen for weeks. I'm just dumb

  11. Big red also the number 1 soda for people born around the Louisville Kentucky area for some reason its amazing

  12. is that Kerry? Why is Kerry the only one that this considerably ugly art style makes him look better?

  13. Ohh, there’s I know that’s tucked away, a place where you and I can stay, where we can go and laugh and play, and have adventures everyday. I know it sounds hard to believe, but guys and gals it’s true, Camp Campbells is a place for me and you.

  14. If its not Dr.Pepper i dont really care, like, if its offered ill drink it, but Dr.Pepper is my go to drink

  15. The one and only time I was at the Alamo Cafe, I was about 19, and they mistook my age. I ordered a drink and they brought it in a kids cup. Haven't yet been back.

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