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Do you want to make your own animation, but
aren’t sure which DIY software to use? Hey everyone, I’m Daniel Bales, Former Googler
and Founder of Sharp Eye Animation. The place where businesses go for custom animation. And today you’re going to learn the best
DIY tools for your next video. Keep watching.. Before we get started, be sure to subscribe
to this channel so that when we have more video marketing tips, and new videos come
out, you’ll get notified. So back with my first company, we were
probably in the same situation that you’re in, we needed a video, didn’t want to spend
a ton of money, so we were looking to make it ourselves. We spent a ton of time and money trying all
of the different DIY animation tools out there, so instead of you going through what we did,
we decided to share this video with you with hopes that you’ll find a tool that meets
your requirements So in general, when you want to make an animation,
there are generally two ways to get them done: One, you can hire a studio like ours, who
handles everything for you Or two, you can use DIY animation software,
which typically use templates and pre-made artwork to make them. So let’s get into it. First up, is a really popular tool called
Animaker. Animaker is a web-based software with a number
of tools, collaboration features and a pretty large library of pre-made characters
and designs. It’s great for very simple, presentation-style
videos, and is a good starting point if you don’t
have any video production experience. The main downsides to Animaker are that your
videos aren’t fully customizable, so you’ll be using characters and artwork
that other people are probably also using, It’s also known to have some bugs in it’s
software, so you may run into issues. And when your video is done it can take over
24 hours to export the final video, so just be prepared that’s it’s not as
simple as instantly downloading when you’re done. Vyond is the next DIY software that you might
want to consider. We’ve found that it’s pretty easy to use,
and includes a good number of templates and voiceovers. The downsides are that the characters you
can choose from are all pretty simple. The software does require a good amount of
bandwidth to use Be sure to go with their more expensive option
if you want to remove the Vyond watermark. They offer a free trial, which is great if
you want to give it a try. Next up is a new DIY video making tool from
Lumen5, Now Lumen5 is mostly geared at making videos
for social media. You can’t include characters and there is
a pretty limited library of templates to choose from, but its great for creating text-based videos What’s really cool about Lumen5 is that
it uses artificial intelligence to turn your blog posts into videos. The image gallery has images that are all
marketing related – but you can also upload your own. It’s a really unique tool, and although
it doesn’t include voiceovers or sound effects, If you have iMovie or another basic video
editing tool you can just add them yourself later. Powtoon is next on our list, which is one
of the oldest and still most popular options out there to make your own animation. The platform uses a simple drag and drop editor
to make your video, and they do have a good number of styles,
characters, and backgrounds for you to choose from. Just know that fine-tuning your animation
in Powtoon can be cumbersome, And managing voiceovers can be a bit painful
as well. Next up is a more professional animation production
tool made by Adobe, called After Effects. This is one of the tools that we use in our
videos, and while it does take a bit to learn how
to use it, it’s pretty powerful and flexible. We highly recommend it if you have the time to
dedicate to learn how to use it. What’s also really nice about this is that
it integrates with other Adobe products, like Illustrator and Photoshop, so you can make really high quality animation
when you combine all of these tools. Autodesk Maya is another high-quality animation
software. it’s usually used to make really great, detailed
3D animation professional animators use it to make films,
games and TV projects. it’s a really powerful software that allows
you to make virtually anything. it’s relatively expensive, and pretty complicated
to use but if you want to make a video that Rivals
Lord of the Rings, Maya is what you’ll probably want to use. So that’s it! If you like this video, be sure like it, and
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