Basic Animation on Flash 8 ||Hindi Tutorial||

Basic Animation on Flash 8 ||Hindi Tutorial||

Hello friends today we’ll learn how to make a basic animation on flash so,first ,flash is software which provides convenience to make animations To open flash select the Flash Document Then we’ll get this stage,timeline and the layers So,to learn basic animation on flash you don’t need to be a pro just pick up the brush tool in the tool panel and some keys So,firstly we’ll make our stick man which will do like this first we will make the head and its chest Then the legs and we will do this step by step so that we could go a step back if there’s a mistake by ctrl+z like this so we were onto the stick man ,we will let it be same till 6 or 7 frames by pressing F6 multiple times And the press F7,and then this onion skin button to keep track of your previous frames so,in the previous frame the stick man was just standing and we will now make it move which is gonna be slow to make the animation smoother and then to do this we will always make sure one of he leg is on the floor and one in the air something like this and this is the free transform tool and its shortcut is Q this will come in handy to us while using flash so remember it so after pressing Q we will select it and we will make it lean forward to give a good effect now i will pause the video and come back after doing it so , friends i’m back and i’m done with the animation so i’ll show it to you guys so this is it, lets see it by starting test movie by enter + ctrl on the left side So as you’re watching the animation is now done,if you want to make it more fast or smooth you could change the fps below the timeline by double clicking it So,thanks everyone for watching ,don’t forget to like ,share and SUBSCRIBE

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  1. Hey friends ,I've added subtitles for the people who can't understand hindi and the next video upcoming is the motion tweening tutorial.thats all
    have fun!!

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