BACH // The Brandenburg Concertos by Zefiro & Alfredo Bernardini

BACH // The Brandenburg Concertos by Zefiro & Alfredo Bernardini

Bach’s Second Brandenburg Concerto is one of the most significant pieces for us trumpet players, especially for its very high tessitura, which is even more striking because it’s written for an instrument in F. Usually trumpet music from the baroque period is in D and it’s meant for a rather long instrument, unfolded more than two meters. As the baroque trumpet can only play harmonics and diatonic scales, the effect in this concerto is even higher. The violin has a very important role in all Brandenburg Concertos, with the only exception of the 6th. This is why this recording has been very intense for me. It has been very nice to explore the role of the violin in the different scoring. In some it has a lower profile, in others it is a virtuosic soloist. One of the things I enjoy the most of the Brandenburg Concertos is the constant movement: it sounds as if there is a motion that goes on forever, that never stops, this gives energy to the playing. The more you play, the more you want to play on in these concertos.

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  1. It seems that the HIP movement is still unwilling to recognize the role of natural trumpets as opposed to the "baroque" trumpet

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