ART: Animation & Rigging Toolkit Overview | 01 | Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine

ART: Animation & Rigging Toolkit Overview | 01 | Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine

today I’m going to be showing you the animation and rigging toolkit that is now available to subscribers of the Unreal Engine 4 to get started I’m going to create a character the first step of creating characters of course determining what its skeleton hierarchy is going to be so here I’ve set up some of its joint presets and here I’m adding a custom joint chain for a pony tail after we’ve created our skeleton we jump right into the skeleton placement as you can see there are no actual joints yet but instead we have this mesh I refer to this as the mannequin I built this so that basically you can go ahead and get something for the animators without having to have final art so we get a concept we can mock up a mesh like this and then we can get it to the animators we then can hand off the mesh to the modelers they can build the model to that and then we just switch out the mesh with the final one we’re done so the joint mover what you’re looking at here is a rig for placing your skeleton quickly so it has a bunch of features like you just saw there’s aiming there’s symmetry real time there’s also a physique mode now physique is just first that X this is only if you are in that situation I described of you don’t have final art and you want to mock up something or if you even if you’re just prototyping a character you can use this tool so here I can kind of change the mannequin a bit to make it something more in style with what I’m trying to do based off of a concept now the joint mover has different moving modes the yellow controls that you see right now on the screen those are the global movers so if I grab a global mover it’ll grab all the children below as well we are looking at right now the paint patrols are the mesh movers which only affect the geometry and do not affect the joint placement at all so they’re just aesthetic movers the blue movers that were up there earlier our offset movers which only affect that selected joint and nothing else so there’s a few more tweaks here on the spine using our physique mode and then we can actually go ahead and save this workout to a physique template we can also say about templates for our Scouts and creation and for our joint mover which is what I’m doing here that way you can load these in at any time and use them as a starting point for other characters or whatever you need now once we’ve kind of gotten our skeleton place or our mannequin prototype mesh made we go ahead and we create a rig pose now the rig pose is essentially a tee pose but it’s really just the animator friendly version of the pose like for the ponytail for example we may not want it to be curved in the rig pose but maybe that’s how it was modeled so I line up the joints to the model but then I can actually straighten it in the rig here the proxy mesh is automatically waited for you that was a pop-up that actually popped up a few moments ago and then we go into deformation mode where you can polish up your skin weights and publish your character for the animation team so we give our character a name we put it in a specified project and then we go ahead and hit build which we’ll go ahead and kick off the rig building process in this case she hasn’t been created before so we create a thumbnail for her so we make a little thumbnail on the viewport go ahead and hit build bildt’s the rig and that tells you what files were created you can browse those files you can check them out fragments here perforce now for the animation toolkit here we’re gonna add a character so this is I’m an eminent an animator I want to add the character for animation and what you’re seeing now are some of the UI modes there’s a picker custom outline of view and then all the rig settings I’m just gonna cover some of the unique features like here’s the auto hips we also have the auto spine so if you’re an eye case spine the auto spine will automate the position of the mid spine control and of course the auto collapse which as you can see will automate the class based on the hand position the custom ponytail that I added earlier the custom chain module has built in dynamic so the chains do so you can go ahead and actually have baked in physics into your animations well that’s a lots of different settings on the rig not gonna go into too much steps in the video of course there’s a standard stuff like I kfk matching importing motion both mocap and animation data exporting your FBX to the Unreal Engine or animation data space switching is the tool that we that I created so that our animators could forego the use of constraints in this example I created a cube put the body control in the cube space now I can animate the cube to drive the body but I still have full control over the body and this is available on all I cake controls now look at the pose editor so I’ve create a little pose that I’m going to save a thumbnail this pose give it a category give it a name and then on a clean scene I can load it in the pose I can load in mirrors of the pose I can load in what I call the ghost pose which is a mesh version of the pose and I can move and rotate this in space and then wherever whenever I’m done I can hit snap and the rig will snap to its position and then the last feature kind of wanna touch on is the ISO select if you generate your ISO selection sets you can then go in and start hiding elements of your mesh this is Dawne based off the weighting of the verts to the bones so this will work on any mesh it doesn’t have to be a segmented mesh like this and that’s it if you want to see more just go to dockside Unreal Engine comm and look for the my animation green tools thank you very much

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  1. Installation instructions can be found at:

    I'll have the admin of this account update the video description with that link!

  2. This will change the process of making an indie game forever. You guys have the right name, the one that you deserve. Epic.

  3. I'm using DAZ and Blender, is there anything for those?

    What would be really cool, is if this were actually implemented directly into the Unreal Engine 4 as Tools included with that.

  4. How do you install this plug in? I found it where I downloaded ue4 and followed the instructions in the PDF but I don't see any changes. I'm totally lost since I usually don't use Autodesk products.

  5. Hey, Epic Games, how about releasing a stand-alone version of this toolset, so that other non-Maya users can use it?  Just give it good import/export support, and you'll have a one-size-fits-all solution.

  6. Just checked the forum to see that Mac version is not yet supported… What a bummmmmer….

  7. I was about to send some irate hate comments your way Jeremy, mostly to complain about how fast your went through everything in this video.   Then I realized that it was just the overview.   That's what I get for trying this so late in the day.
    Moving on to video #2.  😛

  8. I'll stick with Maya LT,DT character rigging videos,and my custom rigging with stretch and squash
    much better than this complex and complicated tool

  9. oh god i was trying to follow your actions and got so fucking pissed at pace you was doing everything then i read in description it is an overview..lel

  10. 'Not gonna go into too much depth in the vid.'
    I can tell.  Or so I thought based on the comments.  There's seventeen video in this series.  Maybe there's something to that?  Probably.

  11. can anyone tell me if i can buy this for maya on it own and not as part of the unreal engine, ive been trying to find it online to buy but i cant find a thing, or if i pay 20 for the engine will i have this permanently or would it be locked out when the sub runs out ?

  12. This video seriously needs to be redone; this is entirely unusable as any sort of tutorial video, especial what is supposed to be an introductory video.  This is a feature highlight video and should be labeled as such.  And why are you ignoring the commenters questions?  For shame.  I expect better from you.  On another note, making your tool kit only usable as a plug in for Maya is upsetting, it should be an in engine feature, or not touched at all; you can't expect people to have a copy of a product that not all can afford, especially since you are trying to appeal to the indie audience.  That is unless if you're trying to promote piracy.  And if I am incorrect in my assumption that this is only for Maya, or you have plans to make this plugin available with a free modeling suite then you should answer the commenters questions about this or provide a link to where you do cover this topic.  I personally find this very upsetting because I am trying to find resources on how to set up animations for UE4 and can only find information on how to use this tool kit.

  13. Part of my character is black, the thigh and his right arm, it is not the normal grey texture that should be there? Is this going to be a problem when it comes to texturing him?

  14. To all the people commenting: IT'S AN OVERVIEW! god dammit guy6s, do your research and find the whole tutorial… what are you? 12? And for the rigging tool

    Enjoy – Link

  15. i don't use unreal but i want to use this plugin so can someone please give me this "" file, so that i can use this in maya for other works

  16. I wish that just once someone who made a tutorial like this would take their time and not click 50 buttons per second and move between menus like their feet are on fire. When you go into the animation part I have basically have to freeze frame the video to figure out what you're doing 😛 No clue what's wrong though, I have the autohips on and every setting just like you yet the character doesn't move the hips when you move the legs.

  17. im probably missing something simple but ive tried heaps to figure out jot to install this but i can figure it out 🙁 can anyone help me

  18. Its Not hard to install guys
    there is a forum on Unreal that takes you step by step to install it
    Just type in Animation& Rigging Toolkit in your seach bar on goodl or something. And there should be a forum in unreal for it.

  19. for those who's bitching endlessly about the speed, notice how it has "1-" in the title? yes? nuff said.

    why are you still here? if you're too slow to understand it, this is the intro. still need more explanation? go find the rest of the tutorials. still need more? Why dont you just quit making games.. you're obviously dont belong in this industry.

  20. Just an FYI, this will NOT WORK with maya LT. Any LT. This is written in Python. LT doesn't support Python, so you have to pay the $$$ if you wanna have this work for you. Because Autodesk cares about developers.

  21. How do you install it? I cant seem to figure this thing out.edit: okay i figured it out i think! so unreal engine 4 does not include Maya 2016 or in this case 2017 upon downloading. what your going to have to do is go to the Autodesk website and download it. now you can lie and get 3 years free by saying your a student, educator, or mentor. or you can shell out $3,970 for a 3 year to most people i can already tell what your about to say. "no shit Sherlock its so freaking obvious you have to download it" but if your like me and thought that unreal engine 4 came with an animation program of some kind than this is to help you out. frankly I'm a bit disappointed because i have been trying to make a game for years, working every day writing the scripts, editing it and starting over again, making character bios and lore etc… this was my only chance and now once again I'm hitting a brick wall. i cant afford to shell out 3k and I'm not wanting to pay $185 a month. anyways with my sorrow tossed aside i hope that for anyone that was confused now understands how to download it… even if you don't want to pay for it like me.

  22. This introduction should've been done using Blender. Why would I use a free game engine but then go buy $5000 modelling software.

  23. At what point does the pillow creature you have on the screen get bound to a REAL CHARACTER that an artist really wants to use in the game? If all you have is the ability to create a skeleton that can be used in Unreal, I can do that already by exporting and FBX out of Unreal!!

  24. Hi UE!! Thank you for sharing all these videos, they are very helpful. I would like to ask, is there some software to handle all the 3D models (I mean 3DS Files, FBX files, etc) to share with a work group? I want to suggest at work to use UE4 as the unique platform but we have several locations and I need something like a centralized library and want to version (if possible) all the objects.

  25. There were a couple of places here where I could almost follow what was going on. Maybe you could speed those up.

  26. Maya??? are you crazy?
    forget it, I already worked with Maya and hope not to use Maya ever again,
    release tools like this for 3DS Max and then we're talking

  27. Absolutely Useless, To fast slow down. this is not teaching this is showing off your skills to people who want to learn.

  28. Its easy to export the rig and mesh (the character) from Maya 17 student to Unreal , but what DOESENT follow are the morph targets/ blendshapes. I've edited the AnimRig mb file and it works great to import for different projects. but when exporting to FBX and into Unreal, the Blendshapes/ morph targets wont follow. with different settings sometimes even the mesh that have blendshapes wont follow. When opening the Export File for exporting, the blendshapes arn't there.

    I've searched everywhere for a solution and this is my last hope… help please?

  29. HEY PEOPLE! If you are watching this tutorial in the first time don't worry about his speech speed. The video is Overview, just keep going watching tutorials by playlist. The next video is going to be for beginners.

  30. I have watched way too long to still be wondering: How to use this on an actual character instead of the silly, useless pointless mannequin that might have been relevant for a few years in the early 90's, but now, we just make and work on our assets, not create everything out of order!! (Else the assets LOOK like they were animated, before they existed!)

  31. "Just switch out the mesh with the final when you're done!" He never really says One Word about HOW! I walk away from 2 successive viewings 100% unsure how to make ANY use of this on an existing character. (I have zero interest in animating 'mannequins' (GOOD LORD…) In the first 10 seconds of the video, I should have understood the basic paradigm of the tool, I am left wondering WHERE TO EVEN FIND IT much less how to actually incorporate it! I have Unrea open, I have my rigged character I made in 3ds Max loaded… Now What? LOL… USELESS. He bounces around like he's on Adderal.

  32. when I try this in maya 2017, with engine 4.21, artv1 I keep getting error "no object matches name: skin_geo_*" when trying to skin to either proxy character or my own. can't get it to work at all, any solution for this?

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