Arma 3: Tuto Eden – 05 – Les animations

Arma 3: Tuto Eden – 05 – Les animations

Hello Hello every one ! This video is not a gameplay. We will learn how to make an animation with the AI. I know that a lot of video explain this better than me but there are all in english and a little are in french. So I decided to make in french ( with english subtitle 😉 ) In the eden editor This how look a mission with animations you see at the start of the video First of all, you place a ai soldier Then you make a double left click on this soldier In the init box, you write this switchmove or this playmove or this playaction There is a difference between them that we’ll see later Then you have to place a command between two coma “.And this command say to the ai what to do. this command look like this one This command say to ai to hold a pistol with idle position and execute of a bullet in the head So you enter in the init this switchmove”Act_Excecutioner … ” ;
the ; is essential Where I find the command for one or other animation ? First solution: you will find all the command for the animations on a website. I put a link in the description But note that the name of the animation are possibly not update So becarefull at the command for animation you will see in it Second solution You can use this command ( in the description too) :
[ ] call BIS_fnc_animViewer; This command will open a window that will show you all the command for animation with an animated ai to show you what the command is for So this little script have to be put in a trigger And this trigger is activated when a bluefor is in I’ll show you So the trigger is at the sand I place it at this little sand circle to be sure to recover it Then I walk in it to activate the trigger And this is how look the list of animation command of Arma III So you can browse or search a precise animation by select some parameters in move, adjusting , … And you see that when you select a command, the AI play the corresponding action And if you go ont cutscene you have a lot more animations … you can see that even in the game some action are not working or not updated … :/ but a lot is still available So at this, you can see the command you can see where the command is in your arma folder You can see the time for the animation to be completed. Here it is almost 31 sec And you have the passing of time This information is going to allow you to make coherent a set of animation. For Example If you want that another AI says Yes with a animation, you know how much time passing before the first AI put his hand of the table You can also know how much time the first AI take to reach the table by watching this informations Another problem is that some informations on incorrect because the animation is 31 sec but you can see that the animation continue after 31 sec … At the beggininf of the video, we see that the soldier make a salute military this kind of animation is in “move” than the stand of the soldier in “erect” Then I explain in french what means all this parameters but in english I think it’s obvious d;-) Still explaining d;-) For some action, as example, this one where the AI bring an AT, you must ensure that the AI really have an ATin his gear Still explaining some english words in french 😉 If you want that the AI make a salute military the AI soldier has to be in “move”, “erect” because there is not military salute when AI is sit Then “Stop” The “Lowered” has to be selected And finally with a “Rifle” Now you can thing a command with “salute” in it. You can see that the time passing are at 0.This means that the soldier will salute and rest in this position. Now that we find the command we have to memorized it No no fortunately, you can copy the command and paste it in the init of AI soldier To do that, you click on the command you want and you use your keyboard CTRL-C Then you come back in the eden editor You double left click on the soldier In the init box you write : this switchmove”CTRL-V to past the command”; You put your soldier front of the AI to look what he does You saw him salute but He saluted very quiclky and come back to his normal stand but i can’t explain why. The is no duration but the AI salute quiclky and come back to normal stand after that. And now, how to make the AI play an animation when you pass in front of them ? For that we will use the triggers Look what is inside the trigger The trigger has to be activated when blue for(or OPFOR or independant) is “present” Then i write in the “activation” box : fus1 switchmove “Amov… Salute”; So what’s “fus1 ? It’s simply the name I give to the AI At the place of “this” in the init of a soldier, you have to put the name of the AI in a trigger So when I walk in the trigger, this activate the animation I do exactly the same for the men who repair the car but without use a trigger The way to anim the AI is the same but the animation command is different this AI just look so the animation command is different too and for this command you can see “loop” at the end of the animation command that means that the AI will play the animation again and again Maybe we can add loop for the salute command too try I can think it will work but why not And as you can see, the animation don’t work anymore I don’t know what to do to force the AI to keep the salute still I’m out of the trigger Then you can see that there are three trigger at the same place There is three soldiers and two civilians the first soldier is named “off1″ this one is named dem1 this one is named dem2 and the two civilians are named civ2 and civ1 double left click on one trigger So we can see that it activate the trigger when bluefor present then I write civ1switchmove”…” to make the first civilians play the animation to take a hit in his face the AI play the animation= take a hit with the back of the right hand Then dem1 play the animation=give a hit with your right back hand and I can delete this line script We can see that I put 0 in the delay time So when Bluefor enter in the trigger the animation is launch For the second trigger the AI off1 that play the animation to shoot the civilian AI in the head and in the end Civ1 that play the animation to die I activated the trigger after 5 secondes I walk in it because the anim to take a slap and give a slap is a 5 secondes animation So after 5 secondes the second trigger is activated and the off1 AI play the anim to kill the civilians so the information about the time I explain before is very interesting for this kind of animation set The the third trigger is to play the animation of come back in the idle position for off1 AI And dem2 play the animation=squatted in front the second civilian and for the fun and the scenatio, dem2 probably say to the second civil answer me or you see what will happen d;-) And the last trigger activated after 20 second a bluefor walk in the trigger dem2 who sqatted is going to come back erect I put 20 secondes because I know that the animation to squat have a 20 secondes duration So the information about duration in the animation windows is very use full to make the animation succeed one to the other You will see on some web site or youtube video the use of switchmove or playmove or playaction Actually it depends of the animation Some action need switchmove to work correctly, others need playmove and the other one need playaction Generally switchmove is use to go to one animation to an another animation so for the example I’ll check the repeatability box for both AI and here I’ll check the repeatability and write playaction Let’s try this so the animation is working but with playaction it doesn’t work (I don’t know why the fir soldier take is pistol before salute … :/ ) normally it’s working 😉 So now you can animate the AI and create an atmosphere miming the life in your scenario I hope that this video is clear for you and you have understand how it works If you have a question, use the commentary area and I ‘ll answer as quick as possible. In english of french it doesn’t matter Don’t hesitate to tell me how I can improve the explain and my video You are the pillars of this channel and your opinion is very important Thanks for watching d;-)

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  1. super merci !
    ça ouvre des tas de perspectives et ça donne envie de ce lancer …
    Débutant j'ai un peu galérer pour lire les actions et la bonne syntaxe mais on va y arriver !

  2. alors tu n as pas besoin de taper ton code pour ouvrir les animations puisque quand tu fais pause tu as un menu "animation"en bas a droite au dessus de "editeur"

  3. Comment faire en sorte que l'action se repète ? Par exemple, un civil qui "répare" sa voiture, comment lui donner cette animation en durée illimitée ?

  4. salut, je m'arrive vraiment a rien avec ces animations ex this switchMove "Acts_carFixingWheel"; l'ia reste devant comme un con sans bouger que faire

  5. bas besoin des scripts y a un mode qui rajoute plein de truc dont les animations ça s appele 3den enchanced

  6. Thsi looks very interesting for some cool scenarios… unfortunatly I do not understand french… maybe some kindheartet french people can add some subtitles perhaps? ^^

  7. Ece que quelqu'un connaît la commande complète et qui marche pour mettre à genoux quelqu'un les mains liée
    Merci d'avance

  8. salut et merci encore pour ton tuto aurai la gentillesse de me donner la ligne de script ou t otages sont assis les mains ds le dos merci.

  9. robespireeer 14th july bastille french revolution crossaiaonit bequette kms i surrender marrat herbert lemi de people die

  10. Why do I write any message that makes sense to me? On activation: General error in expression I write it correctly

  11. salut ! dit moi y a t il une commande pour que le vehicule d un pnj soit en fuel illimité ? merci d avance .( c est pour des navettes pnj sur un serveur )

  12. tu n est q une grosse merde j ai suivie ton tuto a la lettre et ça ne marche pas et ne me dit pas que sa a été optimiser , ce jeu est vieux comme le monde

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