Angry Asian Restaurant Prank Call (ANIMATED) – Ownage Pranks

*Ring* Can I help you? Duh, um, hello, I need to speak to somebody who can speak a Chinese. I am! Duh, hello, how are you doing? *speaking Vietnamese* Yeah. *speaking Vietnamese* *responds in Chinese* *speaking Vietnamese* HuH?? *speaking Vietnamese* I don’t understand what you tell me. No look here I speak a vietnamese Oooooh, yeah umm what do you need? The Shit I need to make an order today no no its to late bye No no! Hello Look here, Big boy, I need to make big order for a while now 500 dolla 500 dollar five hundred dolla I give you. I don’t care. You fuck you bitch. You know he cares, too. That’s why it’s fucking hilarious. He’s like: “SHHHIIIIT That’s a lot of money. I don’t wanna lose it… Shit. I lose the moneeey.” *Ring* Can I help you? Suck uh some booty, why you hang up on me today? Nooo. We don’t have order for you. Okay?! I fuck you in the butt. I fuck you today. Fuck you, big boy. Fuck your mother I know I fuck your mother, you lie to me Fuck your whole family, okay?! No, your whole ancestor , I’m fuck your grandmother. (indistinguishable) – everybody in your house okay? Alright. Everybody. No no, your whole generation you fuck fuck guy, I hate you! Fuck all the Vietnamese okay? No no- WHAT THE HELL- what you say to me? I kill you. I don’t care I kill you. I kill you right now. Kill me, I’m right here, kill me. okay I come with two chopsticks, I shove up your ass Oh…. Two chopsticks? Come over here! Talk to me in the face!! Lick some booty You- fuck you bitch- you very cheap *Ring* Hello? Back to somebody- fuck you bitch! Why you hang up on me?! DON’T CALL ANYMORE OR WE’RE GOING TO CALL THE POLICE OKAY? No you fuck fuck you- Fuck your mother. Fuck your whole family okay! No you lie to me you fuck your whole mother *blip* oh my god *Ring* Hello? you want to hear this? * two gunshots* Fuck your mother okay fuck your mother You hear me? Your mother!!- NO your grandmother, very old like raisin like- YOUR MOTHER! Fuck the Vietnamese. Vietnamese a piece of shit okay! Vietnamese. Fuck you! Look here you Chinese people be like NO CALL NO MORE IM GOING TO CALL THE POLICE RIGHT NOW OKAY? No you- Fuck you- I *gunshots* Fuck your mother You fuck you guy I come- I come *Laughing* *Ring* Hello? Suck ah some booty! Fuck you bitch. I hate you Come fight with me, I’ll wait for you. You know where I am, come here! I kill you- Fuck your whole family I fuck your Vietname- your Chinese Your mother, your mother okay? Your mother’s mother, Fuck all your ancestor. Your grandmother- Vietnamese is a piece of shit your great-grandmother- You listen? You know English? Vietnamese is piece of shit okay? No fuck you. Fuck you bitch Fuck all the Vietnam okay? Fuck all the Vietnamese I shove fortune cookie up you ass. I shove the fortune cookie up your ass You go bye-bye okay! *Speaking in Chinese* *Speaking in Vietnamese* *Laughing*But my friend nobody has a good goat like me. my goat?? I sleep with him at night. You know? I pet him. I take very good care of my goat. He make a very good milk for meeeeee Right?I hear you. You don’t hear me? No no I hear you very good I was lying. I lie it. Ooh OOoh ooh. * sarcastic laughing* So funny right? *sarcastic laughter* okay okay what do you have today for the
special? *End*

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