ALL THINGS BORDERLANDS | Animation (Borderlands 3)

ALL THINGS BORDERLANDS | Animation (Borderlands 3)

– This is the story of
“Borderlands” in three minutes. Let’s begin. The Eridians, an alien race on the planets
Promethea and Pandora, spread throughout the galaxy inventing incredibly advanced technology. Believing their technology too advanced for other primitive species, and not wishing to fall into imperialism, the Eridians locked away their weapons and innovations in vaults. A monstrosity from another dimension, called The Destroyer, opens rifts in time and space
and attacks the Eridians. In an attempt to stop it, the Eridians create the
creature known as The Warrior. The destroyer obliterates
almost all of the Eridians, but they manage to lock it
away in a vault on Pandora. Not needing The Warrior, they seal it in a separate vault. As centuries pass, the Eridians die out. Thousands of years later, a mega corporation known as
Atlas discover the vaults on the planet of Promethea and
ignites a futuristic gold rush. Atlas creates settlements
on Promethea in order to capitalize on the Eridians technology. They turn to the nearby planet of Pandora in search for vaults there as well. After settling, the Pandoran wildlife drives Atlas away and the Dahl corporation takes its place. Dahl uses prisoners and criminals to jumpstart the settlements, and they begin searching
for a specific vault which is rumored to hold
legendary Eridian treasures. Atlas learns of the Dahl
corporation’s discovery, and the two begin a deadly competition to find the vaults first. Fearing a civil war, Many privileged citizens of Pandora leave and the criminals take over, overrunning settlements and
setting up bandit camps. Atlas hires a Vault Hunter to unlock it, but everyone discovers the
vault is home to The Destroyer. They kill The Destroyer, and a powerful mineral called Eridium suddenly appears on Pandora. Hyperion corporation’s CEO Handsome Jack plots to use the Eridium for personal gain and learns of the second major
Eridian vault on the planet. He discovers it is home
to The Warrior and schemes to use the monster for his own devices. Over time he becomes the
self-made ruler of Pandora, but still seeks more power. Vault Hunters continue
to land on the planet in the hopes of discovering the treasure, but Jack refuses to tell
anyone what lies inside. The Vault Hunters discover Jack’s plot and set out to defeat him and recover the vault keys for themselves. They kill Jack’s daughter
and infiltrate Hyperion to learn the location of the second vault. They set off for it, but Jack intercepts them. Jack opens the vault door
and releases The Warrior. The Vault Hunters fight
The Warrior and kill Jack. They destroy the vault keys in an attempt to seal the vault for good. Just as they give up
their search as a failure, they accidentally uncover a map of all the other Eridian
vaults all over the galaxy. Believing that these vaults
might store new treasures, the vault hunters pledge to track them down and reap the benefits! – The “Borderlands” series
forces players to face the harsh frontier
planet Pandora in search of a mysterious alien vault legend. Described as a first person
role playing shooter, this game also features
a ground breaking content generation system that
creates a near endless variety of weapons and items to
customize your character. “Borderlands” has a deep, rich fiction and bold
art style that creates a breathtaking experience that challenges the conventions of modern shooters. Gamers across the world would be remiss if they passed up an
opportunity to play this game. That being said, here’s seven things
that you probably didn’t know about the “Borderlands” series. If you learn at least one
thing from this video, or just like the video, please leave a thumbs up. (thumping bass music) One of the major draws to this game is its distinctive art style. This game utilizes a process
known as cel shading, the process of making 3D
animations look cartoonish with minimal gradients and bold outlines. The first video game to use this art style is “Doctor Hauzer” for the 3DO in 1994. Cel shading was then made popular in games like “Jet Set Radio” and “Viewtiful Joe” back in the early 2000s. But did you know that the original trailer for “Borderlands” didn’t have
this distinctive art style? It actually had a much
more realistic feel to it. Here we see a tech demo
of the actual game-play. Initially the game was panned by critics for being bland and underwhelming. Combined with the fact that the game developers felt that the market was too saturated with realistic shooters, they ultimately decided to use
cel shaded graphics instead. And boy oh boy did they
make the right dec- Holy nut-balls! What happened to your freaking face? (dripping and splashing) (Clangs) One of the designers for
“Borderlands 2” got real lazy and stole pieces of
artwork to use in their manual. The artist they stole from is Olly Moss. He’s best known for creating
impressively designed artistic tributes to some of the most renowned video games
and cinematic classics. The unnamed employee at Gearbox not only plagiarized his signature art style, they actually made an exact
copy of some parts of it. In a series of tweets, Moss reacted to an image inside
the “Borderlands 2” manual, which replicated his work on posters done for the “Star Wars” movies. If you take a closer look at the zig-zag clouds in the background, you’ll see that it’s a direct copy of Moss’ “Empire Strikes Back” poster. Olly didn’t want to make
a big deal out of it, he just wanted the company
to know that he was bummed out about not being given the chance to design the artwork himself. In the end it seemed that
everything worked out A-okay, as Gearbox CEO Randy
Pitchford messaged Olly to check his email and also
expresses love for him. He went on to say that
the person responsible for the art theft faced consequences. (splashing and dripping) (clangs) The foul-mouthed but lovable Mr. Torgue, is a non playable character in the second downloadable content for “Borderlands 2 The Campaign of Carnage.” He’s a 43 year-old founder of the weapons manufacturer Torgue. But did you know that
the reason he is bleeped is because of a device in his voice-box? In his own words he says- – A lot of people been asking why my voice beeps all the fu- (bleeps) time. The Torgue shareholders wired my voice-box with digital censor so I can’t say stuff like (bleeping) or (bleeps) or (bleeping) balls! That’s like half my fu-
(bleeps) vocabulary, it’s goddamn bullsh- (bleeps)! By the way, it was also revealed in
the Gearbox interview that Mr. Torgue is actually bisexual. (splashing dripping) (clangs) Easter eggs, Easter eggs this game has a crap-load of Easter eggs. Honestly too many to keep up with. As a matter of fact, BradyGames, the company responsible for making the strategy guide for “Borderlands 2,” says that it was the biggest guide they had ever made for a game, as they tried to include some of the game’s references to pop culture, movies and even other games. Here are some of the more interesting references in the “Borderlands” series. In sanctuary, a non-playable character might say- – I used to be a Vault Hunter like you, until I took a bullet
to the knee (laughs). – Apparently Gearbox employees like internet memes dealing with Skyrim. We discussed the backstory of this topic in an earlier video on this channel. The Siren has access to a blue and yellow skin aptly named Vault Dweller, which is an obvious nod to the outfits worn by Vault Dweller’s
of the “Fallout” series. In “Borderland the Presequel,” if you go to the top of
the darksiders tower, you can find a man named Niel Parsec. This guy looks like a life-sized Buzz Lightyear from the “Toy Story” films. The purple, white and green wing-tipped nut jumps from a platform and tries to fly, just like Buzz did in the movie. In a previous video I explain to you the significance of the Konami Code in games. Entering this code will
give you boundless fortune, extra men or even a turkey surprise, but if you enter the Konami
code into Borderlands 2, you will get extra wubs, but unfortunately it
has no real significance as far as game-play is concerned, and it does absolutely nothing. If you go to the Moxxi club, make sure you check out the DJ booth. DJ Boom and DJ Rang look remarkably like my favorite EDM group of all time, the beat banging robots of Daft Punk. (dripping and splashing) (clangs) A QR code, or a quick response code, is a machine readable optical label that can contain coded information. Kind of like a UPC code but with greater readability and larger data storage. “Borderlands” one and two have secret QR codes scattered throughout the game, so just flash your smartphone’s
QR reader on the screen, and unlock some interesting tid-bits. One code in the first game
decodes to “CL4P-TP WAS HERE!” Claptrap was here. In “Borderlands 2”, one code reads, “Thank you so much for playing our game. “Now I am rich with love and money!! “Nick Wilson!! “Ditto!!” If you go to Moxxi’s, you’ll decode this message, “Wise men say, “forgiveness is divine but never pay “full price for late pizza. “Captain Picard.” Of course we all know that Captain Picard never said this, it was actually a direct
quote from Michaelangelo in the first, and best, Ninja Turtles movie. – Wise men say, forgiveness is divine but never pay full price for late pizza. – I gotta get a new route. (dripping and splashing) (clangs) – Handsome Jack is the main
antagonist of “Borderlands 2.” This egotistical megalomaniac declared himself dictator of Pandora, took credit for finding The Vault, and even claimed responsibility
for killing The Destroyer. Here’s some behind the
scenes facts about one of video game’s worst villains. The game’s lead script writer, Anthony Burch, originally intended Handsome Jack to simply be a place-holder name. It was a reference to a
“Doctor Who” companion, Captain Jack Harkness. However the name proved popular
among the production team, and they decided to keep it. One of Handsome Jack’s
most famous quotes is, “These pretzels suck.” – Hey! How’s you- ah, these pretzels suck. How’s your day been buddy? We haven’t really talked much since (laughs) I left you for dead. – This is what Anthony Birch
had to say about the subject. “‘These pretzels sucks’ was
an ad lib by Dameon Clarke, “the voice of Handsome Jack. “It is easily Jack’s most popular line “and I didn’t freaking write it. “I will never forgive Dameon for this. “Seriously Dameon, “I hate you.” Handsome Jack’s flamboyant
and slightly douchey attitude is based on something pretty peculiar. Birch stated that the
personality of Handsome Jack was partially inspired
by an interview with Nathan Fillion on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” He said, “Fillion acts charming and funny, “but also slightly arrogant, “in a down-to-earth kind of way.” (dripping and splashing) (clangs) “The Guinness Book of
World Records” didn’t even do their research and
put a false “Borderlands” record in their 2014 Gamers’ edition. Somebody over at Guinness
looked at a guy’s speedrun video on YouTube and decided
to put it down in the book as the fastest time
to beat “Borderlands 2.” What they didn’t know is that
the guy who posted the video used over-leveled and augmented weapons that you wouldn’t normally have access to in a regular campaign. Basically the guy used unconventional methods to beat the game fast, and he was just doing it for funsies. But since they needed to
put something in the book, Guinness just added his name, and now this dude is
immortalized as a record holder. I mean, look at the tweet that they sent to him. They didn’t even know
anything about the guy, but they still added his name to the book. Pretty incompetent if you ask me. But honestly, it’s not like Guinness takes the gamer edition serious anyway. Look at some of the frivolous, meaningless records. First downloadable stealth
game based in a T.V. show, most prolific fictional video game DJ. (laughs) Gamers edition? More like lamers edition (laughs). (booing) Am I right? (dripping and splashing) (clanging) ( heavy metal music)

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  1. Just in case nobody know who they are talking about with the world record video is joltzdude139. Hes an amazing borderlands player and is very knowledgeable

    Those are guardians, not Eridians. Guardians were left behind by the Eridians to protect there vaults and the monster inside.
    They didn’t lock away much technology, most was found in ruins or disappeared with them. The vaults were meant to lock away monsters like the Destroyer and protect the galaxy.
    The Eridians didn’t die out completely, there are post-game challenges given by one in the 3rd game, and the Watcher from the Pre-Sequel is one, too.
    Atlas didn’t hire the original vault hunters, they tried to stop them while being led by Commandant Steele. Also, the Destroyer wasn’t killed,
    just locked away again.
    The vault hunters didn’t go to space, they killed Angel on the surface of Pandora in a bunker.
    Okay, done now.

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