Advanced PowerPoint Animation Tutorial – How to Make a Shooting Star Effect

Advanced PowerPoint Animation Tutorial – How to Make a Shooting Star Effect

This is what I call the “Shooting Star Effect”
in PowerPoint, and I’ll show you how to make it. Step 1 is to make the stars. Step 2 is
spin the stars. Step 3 is add motion paths. Ok let’s begin. The shooting star actually
consists of two separate stars that are layered on top of each other. The first is a 16-point
star (but you can, of course, experiment with other types of stars). The second one I’m
going to use is a 4-point star – and you can adjust the points to be fatter or skinnier
as you like. Now let’s color them in properly, starting with the 16-point star. Start by
going to Format Shape and let’s remove the outline so that’s out of the way. Now to go
Fill, Gradient, and make it a path gradient – and let’s reduce it to just two colors.
Make the inner color white, and now let’s make the outer color white as well, but we’ll
make that one 100% transparent. And again, you can experiment with other colors as well
but I really like the white-on-black look. And let’s just use the Format Painter to make
the 4-point star match as well, and you can play around with how fat or thin the points
are. And now we’ll just layer one on top of the other so they’re exactly lined up. Ok,
so now we’re all set and ready for the next step, which is spinning the stars. For this,
I’ll just start by separating them again so you can see the difference in spin. The 4-point
star will spin in the direction of the motion path, so I actually like to spin it clockwise.
And just make it repeat until the end of the slide so it doesn’t stop spinning. Now the
16-point star will spin in the opposite direction, so counterclockwise in my case. And also have
it spin until the end of the slide. Now we’ll put them back on top of each other, and it
actually looks better if the 16-point star is spinning twice as fast as the 4-point star.
So we’ll make the 16-point star spin at 1 second, and the 4-point star spin at 2 seconds.
And here’s what it looks like. You can also make it go faster by making one of them one
second and the second at a half-second. And that’s what we get here. I know the quality
isn’t great with the preview, but it’ll look better once you try it out for yourself. Ok,
well that’s it for the star and spins, so now we’re ready to add the motion paths. For
this step, I’ll just make the stars a little bit smaller so you can see the motion path
a little bit better. Now I’ll pull the star to the side so it can go across the screen.
When adding motion paths, make sure you have both stars selected. And then go to the motion
path selections – and we want to add a basic line for now. Just adjust the line to go across
– make sure that both motion paths are lined up exactly on top of one another. Make it
start with previous and slow it down a little bit. And here’s what it looks like! Now for
another example, let’s remove those motion paths, and we’ll go in and this time we’ll
add a custom path. Draw it in how you like, slow it down, and here it is! See you get
that bouncing effect there. Ok, again, let’s remove that path, and this time, I’ll show
you how to make an angle – that is, when you want to go straight in one direction, then
straight in a different direction. For this, we’ll start again with the line path. And
let’s have it go up and then drop down sort of in the middle of the screen. And again
line both paths up with each other. Now we’ll actually repeat the process exactly so you
get two more motion paths going down. But this time, we’ll grab them and place them
right underneath the first two. Drag them down off the screen. Now make the first two
start with previous and make the second two start immediately after them. And this is
what you get! Ok well that’s basically it for how to do the shooting star effect – thanks
again for watching, let me know what you think, and see you again soon!

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99 Replies to “Advanced PowerPoint Animation Tutorial – How to Make a Shooting Star Effect”

  1. Ok sure – the first part is just grey text that is slowly moving in a horizontal motion path (see my "reveal effect with moving background" video). On top of that, we have the star coming in (see step 3 of this video) and the white text has a WIPE entrance animation that is synced up with the star (through trial and error). That way, it looks like the star is connnected to the text.

  2. for the second part (use this technique to…), the black boxes are layered on top of the blue boxes and come in together with an entrance effect (I think it's "float down"). when the star goes by them, the black boxes are exiting OUT with a horizontal wipe effect that is synced to the star. this makes it look like the star is turning the black into blue, but it's really black boxes that are leaving and exposing the blue ones underneath. There you go – hope that makes sense!

  3. Thanks for your question, Jane! That effect is achieved by having the image growing in the back (using grow/shrink animation) and on top of the image are black triangles with white lines on top of it (so the diamond is not a diamond but 4 triangles touching each other)— that way the diamond stays the same shape while the image grows behind it.

  4. Thank you for watching and commenting! I'm happy the video was helpful to you. Since I don't really have a company or anything right now, there is not really anything to join at this time… but if you make any cool videos with PPT though, I'd love to take a look!

  5. It's called "break away remix" and can be found on the MS office clip art site (google "ms office clip art"). I usually post the music and any pics I used in the description of the video so everyone can find them. Good luck!

  6. pls do it to, revealing the text is hard, and i really want the draw part, your awesome powerpointspice

  7. It's actually pretty easy — all you do is set a "wipe" entrance effect on the text and work out the timing so that it comes in right with the star. Let me know if you have other questions.

  8. All you do is have the text come in with a "wipe" effect and play with the timing so that it comes in with the star. For the "draw" effect, just use a custom motion path in the shape of the text to make it go up/down like that. Then, use a wipe effect on the text so that it makes it look like it's being drawn. Hope that helps!

  9. Yes, absolutely! If you can't find it, you can google "gradient fill powerpoint 2007" and there are a few articles that show where it is.

  10. Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the music — it often takes me a long time to choose the right music because it really sets the tone of the video.

  11. Good question! You have to use a wipe entrance effect for the text and make the timing line up to the timing of the shooting star so that it appears just as the star is going by.

  12. thanks very much for this effect.but you haven't show us how to make the star appearance with the shapes and letters and something like that.pleaz tell me more

  13. If creating multiple stars with multi speed for spin and rate of movement across ppt, is there a hot key to duplicate stars but modify direction of movement without having to change each star one-by-one like the rotate tool in format.

  14. You just flew through this. You would tell us WHAT to do, but I cant see where your mouse is going. This a tutorial for people who already are familiar with powerpoint. I couldnt keep up with you. I kept having to go back and see where these pop up boxes were coming from. I personally thought this was terrible for new users. For example: you adjusted the width of your starts, but never explained how to do it. You just clicked on it and adjusted it so quickly and when i tried to do it, it didnt work.Slow down. please. 

  15. Amazing! You are one creative angel! Please tell me how you created the TRACE SHAPE effect, coz thats one idea that blew my mind, and I would love to hear how to do it… (00:32–00:49)

  16. This is superb my lady  i wish you cantinue doing that, you are really illuminating us with thous fantastique idea's.
    and something moore i like your why of going to fast, in 3 or 4 minute we get the idea and we do not wost our time, so again thank you.

  17. I've always like using powerpoint but until I saw your city night video I had no idea it was so cool!! Thank you fo sharing!!

  18. I can not make my star spin  counterclockwise,  Microsoft powerpoint 2011 for mac
    if you can help will be great thanks

  19. I love your videos.
    I'm one of your fans.
    Please make some more powerpoint tutorials!!
    I've been waiting for a long time!

  20. Thank you for the amazing videos, Lia! I'm curious about the transition effect which you used at one point in your intro. The effect starts at around 0:57 in the video, when the background changes from black to white. The elements look a little like scales?…Could you kindly talk about it a little? Many thanks.

  21. when we go to format shape and make the 16star into white colour the interior is black but for u it is white. How come????
    plz help us

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