Advance PowerPoint Morph secrets

Advance PowerPoint Morph secrets

Hi. I’m Doug from Office. I want to show you some more tips about using the Morph transition in PowerPoint, a new transition for Macs, PCs, iPads, and other devices. They’re a little more advanced but I still think this is easier than breaking open the animation’s tab and doing all of those things. Morph does a lot of heavy lifting for you. I also like this because I want to show you some tools you can use when designing and redesigning slides, good shortcuts, good ways to design better slides more quickly. So these movements are made Just using the Morph transition. Pretty cool. Let’s dig into the deck and show you how it’s done. At first sight, the difference between slides two of the planets and slide three of Mars doesn’t seem like it’s a transition. I’m going down here to the zoom tool and back off this slide a bit. Look at what’s happening, there’re elements off the slide. All the planets are here, they’re just off to the right where we don’t see them on the slide when it’s presented. Let me move the space background to show you this white rectangle. That’s the slide area that we see. So you don’t need to precisely crop everything to the slide size, it’s ok to have things over the slide if parts don’t need to be seen. Another tool is the Selection Pane, Alt+F10 is the keyboard shortcut. This lists all the elements on this slide, mainly a lot of pictures here. As you click each line, the element is selected on the slide. You can hide all the elements, or select certain ones that you want to work on. Let’s dig into Jupiter here, which is off the slide. I’ll show all the elements then “turn off” Picture 22, turn off Jupiter. See all the text about Jupiter that’s going to be used on the next slide is behind the picture. I’ll click a bit of text and turn them off with the Selection Pane by selecting this eye icon. You can also title each of your elements to find them quickly. So let’s show you how I would build the Mars slide. I would duplicate the planet slide and then take off all the elements I don’t want including the title, the satellite, and the text. I’ll zoom out, and select the rest of the planets by holding down the Ctrl key and selecting each one. This way I can move them and keep the spacing the same. As I do all these things you’ll see red lines appear. These guidelines help keep elements inline, proportionally correct, and centered. Let me zoom back in, enlarge Mars and move the text around to where I want them to appear. As I move things around, the guidelines help me find the right spaces. I can fine tune this later, but’s lets preview the transition to see Morph in action.

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  1. That was nice. If only people would use more of these creative tools in their PPT presentations :/

  2. How come I don't have morph tool in Powerful? I purchased a copy of Powerpoint over 8 hours ago. I paid over €135, full price. I bought it especially for the morph tool as I needed it for animation. If I cannot have a morph tool, then I want a refund.

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