A Creepy guy Breaks Into My House (Horror Animated)

A Creepy guy Breaks Into My House (Horror Animated)

I am a 19 year old male and this happened many years ago when I was very young to give you an idea of the layout of our house back then the living room has multiple windows that directly look out onto the back garden there’s a big gate in our driveway to stop anyone from getting in next to the living room is the kitchen which also has more windows but also the back door this will be relevant to the story so my mother was completing the household chores as she does one day I was sitting in the living room watching television on the sofa with my back to the living room windows all of a sudden I saw a figure reflecting off of the picture frame hanging on the wall opposite the window I asked my mom if my dad was back from work to which she said no I’ll never ever forget the look of horror on her face when I told her that yes he was he’s in the garden she looked outside the window and almost had a heart attack when she saw a scruffy looking but fairly built man outside the living room window this didn’t seem to faze him at all though he psychotically smiled at my mother through the glass and my mom asked him what he was doing on our property he said nothing with the same sadistic smirk on his face she said that she was gonna call the police and what he said is one of the scariest things I’ve ever heard he screamed at my mother through the glass that if she even got her phone out that he would break the glass she did not know what to do she paused and tried to rapidly think of what to do next how to keep us both safe she wanted to protect me by calling the police but she also didn’t want him to hurt me if she did try to call them as soon as he saw that she was terrified he ran for the back door luckily that was locked because my mom has always been a paranoid person so she always locks the doors he screamed at her to let him in or if she didn’t need to find a way in and kill us both my mother told him to fuck off which enraged him and he pulled out a pocket knife and began bashing hard against the windows I was still oblivious to what was happening as I just thought I was my dad I was very young my mom frantically grabbed me and I don’t mean picked me up she literally grabbed me off the sofa and booked it up the stairs we were backing up in the upstairs hallway looking for anywhere to hide when my mom’s younger brother popped out of his room with his headphones on my mom didn’t even realize he was home and he clearly didn’t hear the commotion downstairs because of his headphones my uncle was 25 at the time and it was really well-built he’s intimidated a lot of people my mom cried and told him that there’s a guy who’s trying to break in while she’s telling him this that creepy lunatic screamed from downstairs that he was in the house he said cynically boogeyman is coming out to get you which really freaked me out it freaked me out so much that I actually remember that to this day anyway since the guy didn’t know my uncle was home he kept yelling and telling us to come out and that it wouldn’t be painful my uncle told us to lock ourselves in the bathroom and call the police we did and after five minutes of groaning and blatant violence downstairs the pool spoon boom and found a guy bloodied and my uncle on top of him beating him mercilessly my uncle really didn’t hold back turns out that he was a known pedophile which is why he was watching me for so long while I was watching TV after that day my mom was terrified to be home alone the house I loved it as a child because I found the running and hiding fun obviously because I was young I can never thank my uncle enough for being there at the right time what my mother clearly forgot that he was still home it honestly gives me chills wondering what he would have done to my mother and myself if my uncle was not there

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  1. If this was me no questions asked I would pull out my crow bar I have one so if u a luntaic come to my house if u wanna die imma beat u to death with it (this inst a joke)

  2. Make sure too be jacked like me i box i do karate im professionaldly trained to be strong BOIIII MYKE TYSON BROOK LEZZLI IS THE BEST

  3. That killer was god dang creepy man like you have to agree
    i can get why his mother almost got a heart-attack and yeah me too

  4. killer: boogie man is comin' to get you…
    uncle: your not comin' in you havent seen my ultra form yet

    uncle transforming


    Creepy dude :AND YOU KNOW WHAT THEY CALL ME THEY CALL ME BOOGIE MAN oh shit I shouldn't have said that

  6. 1. Run outside
    2. Knock on your neighbours door
    4. don't hide in your house unless you're an expert at hide n seek

  7. If I were in This Situation, I Would have gotten One of My Uncles', because Both of My Mom's Brothers', are So Strong, that they Could & Would take someone like that, Out, in a Heartbeat.

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