5 Habits That Made Elon Musk a Billionaire (Animated)

from paypal to tesla billionaire Elon
Musk has got empowering habits and forward patterns that’s bringing him the results
that he’s currently getting and that’s why in today’s video I wanted to break
down through five habits that made Elon Musk a billionaire and so for right now
is somebody who wants to achieve it big in your life be sure to pay close
attention and without further ado let’s go on to the first point which is to
have a powerful vision and mission you see Elon Musk didn’t ask themselves what
are some of the best ways I can make money fast instead as he left PayPal and
wanted to start something new he asked himself what are some of the problems
that are likely to affect the future of humanity
he was extending beyond himself and this is necessary if you really really want
to put in the work Elon Musk works like no other 100 hour plus weeks and you are
able to do this if you’re just chasing money and this is why Elon Musk he was
literally quoted saying this he said I think it’s important that humanity
become a multi-planet species I think most people agree that future where we
are civilization based in space is inspiring and exciting compared with one
where we are forever confined to earth until sudden eventual extinction event
that’s really why he started SpaceX isn’t not crazy
this is out of the world ambition the questions right now are you focusing on
the money or are you focused on leaving a lasting impact because this is what
every billionaire has got in common they focus on extending beyond themselves and
focusing on truly leaving a lasting legacy and this is when money follows
because money is nothing but reflection of how much value you’ve added into
other people’s lives let’s go on to the second point which is outwork others
Musk is famously a demanding CEO expecting his employees to put long
hours out work the competition and literally do whatever takes and he does not
believe in the work/life balance despite this most of Elon Musk current
and former employees respect him and they’re willing to sacrifice a balanced
life in order to meet his demands why because one of the reasons is Musk
doesn’t expect anyone on team to work any harder than he does in
another words he sets an example for his entire team this is what Elon Musk
was quoted saying he said work like hell I mean you just have to put in eighty
two hundred hour weeks every week this improves the odds of success if other
people are putting 40-hour work weeks and you’re putting in hundred hours work
weeks then even if you’re doing the same thing you know that you achieved in four
months why it takes them a year to achieve that is your biggest competitive
advantage as an entrepreneur number three seek out constructive
criticism there is no denying the fact that the vast majority of people on this
planet they hate getting feedback especially
when it’s negative why because of low self esteem they don’t wanna feel like
their work is bad and they just don’t wanna be put down but a billionaire
like Elon Musk constantly seeks to improve and that’s why they’re constantly
asking what’s wrong with this for example when he spoke with the
automobile engineers during the development of the Tesla electric car he
asked him to tell him what was wrong with his design instead of what was good
about it in this way he learned his mistakes and fixed them he constantly
improves a billionaire is always seeking to improve and grow and you cannot grow
if you’re not given feedback from your coaches and mentors as well as other
people who’ve got your best interest at heart going on to the fourth point is to
consider failure in your plans and pivot if need be what I truly believe made
Elon Musk incredibly successful is the fact that he never never never gave up
he was quoted online how his proceeds from paypal acquisitions was around 180
million and then he put 100 million into SpaceX 70 million into Tesla and 10
million into solar city he had to borrow money for rent the question is do you
believe in leaving a lasting impact as much as Elon because there’s a reason
why somebody like that gets a billion dollar level because they truly believe
in their dreams that much that they’re willing to put everything on the line
that is a mindset of an incredibly successful entrepreneur and he
even though had a lot of failures along his journey he kept on moving forwards
kept on pushing forwards by learning from his mistakes and getting on with
the job the fifth point is to take massive risks there’s no denying the
fact that Elon Musk is an incredible risk-taker his ability to for example to
put all his money into the companies he’s starting and starting from zero his
incredible ability to foresee a vision and really just go all-in not knowing
what’s gonna happen his ability to control uncertainty is what made him
incredibly successful as an entrepreneur why is he over over again from people
who are dead broke not getting results in life is they wants certainty in their
life and they want to be basically hanging on to their comfort zone and
this is why they’re getting the results that they’re getting realize that the
fortune favors the brave if you want more results in your life right now it’s
time to get out your comfort zone and start risking more and that’s the only
way you’re gonna be rewarded and so those are the five habits that made Elon
Musk a billionaire if you found this helpful
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soon take care

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