5 FREE Animated End Screen Outro Templates | 2019!

5 FREE Animated End Screen Outro Templates | 2019!

I sound like Kermit in this video because i’ve been sick for 3 days and it is not coming along So please ignore the way i sound.. enjoy the video Hello everyone welcome to another video Today i bring you 5 more FREE outro templates that you can use for your videos 3 of them are Premier Pro templates which are animated and 2 of them are still photoshop templates All of them are extremely easy to modify So, let’s have a quick preview, then i’ll show you how to edit them The first thing you’ll have to do is expand the description below and download your favorite template The download file will be in .Zip so you’ll need 7zip or WinZip to extract the files Each zip will contain a “Read Me” file which is very important that you read it It contains free licensing information and how you can credit me properly Each template is edited differently, I’ll put timestamps on your screen right now so you can skip directly to the specific template tutorial Alright.. so, lets edit the fist template The first template folder will only contain a template file and a read me file, which again, is important to read Double click on the template File to open it in Premiere You’ll see 2 layers already in place in your timeline and 3 of them in your project panel You don’t need to change anything other then the background image Unless you know what you’re doing Right click on the background image layer and select replace footage Locate and select your image Thats all you have to do for this template To export it, got to File>Export>Media Select h.264 format and high bitrate in presets Click export to save it as video [Template #2] In template #2’s folder there will be an additional font file that you will have to install Simply double click on it and click install. Then open up your template file. Since the background in your template #2 is transparent, we don’t need to change it. For this one you just have to edit the channel name and export it with a transparent background To do so, double click on the first layer you see that says “Your Channel Name” in the project panel this will open up a new text window select the text and change it to your channel name Then close the window Go to File>Export>Media Select QuickTime from the format drop down menu and GoPro 12 with Alpha from the preset menu This will export it without the background so you can put anything below it, and your outro will be played above it Move the quality slider all the way to 5 and then click export to export it [Template #3] This template will work best for Gamers! Which is why i went for a more aggressive tone the template folder will contain a font file, an image file, and a fire spark clip First install the font, then open up the template in premiere To change the background, right click on the background image layer, select replace footage, locate and select your image Color grading is done on top of your background image so if you replace the image, all tones and colors will stay the same If you don’t like them for some reason, simply unlock the layers with red colors and disable them. If you want to change the colors click on the layer that says “Change Colors Here” Go to Effects Control panel, if you don’t have it, simply enable it in the windows menu Scroll down and here you’ll see Shadows and Highlights. Drag each one around to change the colors Once you think its time to export, Go to File>Export>Media Select h.264 in format & High Bitrate in the preset drop down menu The click export, to export it. -Wait i haven’t made a joke in this whole video what the ****… Okay okay.. let me think of something..- okay…uhhhh get it? its my toe? mitosis? no? not even a chuckle? ok lets move on Template #4 & #5 are photoshop templates In the folder you’ll find a font file and a template file Install the font first then up the template After opening you will see some text WHICH YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY READ! And after reading, simply hit DELETE on your keyboard to get rid of it Here in the layers panel RED layers must NOT be edited unless you know what you’re doing the BLUE layers should be edited And the GREEN layers are optional and is up to you if you want to edit them. To change the name, double click on the channel name layer thumbnail & then type in your channel name If the text is not in center, select the channel name layer, hold down CTRL and select the background layer Make sure selection tool selected, then click Align Horizontal icon on top To change the background image, right click on the background image layer and select replace contents Locate and select your image If the image size is not correct, hit CTRL+T on your keyboard, hold down SHIFT+ALT Click and drag from a corner point to increase or decrease the image size Hit ENTER when you’re done To change the colors of your background, Double click on the “Change Colors” layer, click on the gradient select your color combination, & then hit OK To change the text stroke colors, double click on the stroke then change your color for each layer To save it, hit CTRL+ALT+S on your keyboard, select JPG from the drop down menu & then hit Save. This template folder will only have a template file The text is very important to read, so you should read it and then delete it Again, BLUE layers should be edited GREEN layers are optional And RED layers must not be edited unless you know what you’re doing Right click on “Your Logo” layer and select replace contents Locate to your logo and select it Double click on the thumbnail of “Change Colors” layer This will open up a new window where you can change your colors to whatever you like Save it by hitting CTRL+ALT+S, select JPG from the drop down menu and then hit Save It takes a lot of time to Design, Animate and make it possible for everyone to edit All of these templates are FREE to use, Download and Modify as long as you credit me properly You can credit me by copying and pasting the text thats in the description as well as in the READ ME file Into your video Description This will help me make more designs for you guys and help you make your channel look better If you have any questions, let me know in the comments down below. I hope this video helped you out, if it did, be sure to leave a LIKE & SUBSCRIBE for more awesome videos Also don’t forget to Follow me on Twitter @GrabsterTV so you don’t miss all the daily Memes & other Nerd stuff Thank you so much for watching, i will see you in the next video.. Peace Out! If you’re still watching. YOU’RE A GODDAMN LEGEND!

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  2. Instead of Emailing me asking for permission, download your favorite template and read the "READ ME.txt" file.
    You have my permission to use any of these templates as long as you credit me PROPERLY!!*. If you want to know how you can credit me then *READ THE READ ME FILE!!

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