100 SUBS – Thank you!! (Minecraft Animation) Funny

Oh Dude get off me. But im not on you. The ladder man. Oh Whoa, that was close bang, ow ah, you noob. steve! ahh What is that! What is what? leaves, saplings, sky? whoa hey! No not that You almost knocked me off That! I think its a chicken Ok I’ll start building you chop the tree
for wood. Aaaahh, whoa, ow, aaahh, ow Hey! Watch it. ELAMAE RATRACE Aaahhh Did you see that? I was busy falling. Well, hand me the ladder so i can get down from here. (ladder creaks) Never mind, I’m comin down. Whoa! Whoooaa! (bang) You wouldnt. Oh yes i would. (Click) no no no Oh yeah! Hello my name is Professor Neverwrong
back this up a little. Oh and make sure that I’m in the picture
ok ok Are you recording, ok, Im Professor Neverwrong. I will be demonstrating how to make a farm. First you must have a hoe. No not a bone. Let me try that
again. You need a hoe to have the proper. No, not seeds. Wait no, i need those seeds! Cut – cut! I’m gonna build right here sign says not
to build here Sign says not to build here. What sign! (Bang. Splash) There’s going to be trouble we’re out of
here. Thank you so much for your support. You
guys got us to 100 subs Nice. Yeah thanks sooo much guys. Oh my gosh i sound like a robot, but, thank you so much guys! Now see you in the next video. Yeah (laughing)
Look at my big mouth. yeah (laughing) Bye!

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